A Little Sawdust On My Halo

Achy Breaky Heart

After Five Stomp -Video-

After The Storm -Video- 

Alcohol -Video-

All Shook Up (Fleetwood)

Alligator Rock (Lescarbeau)

Always Sunshine And Rainbows -Video- 

American Kids (Pelletier) -Video-

Angelina's Dance (Australien) -Video- 


Applejack -Video-

Askin' Questions -Video-

Atomik Polka (Video) 


B.B.C. - Big Ben Country -Video-

Baby Belle

Baby Bubbles -Video-

Bad Bad Leroy Brown -Video-

Baby Your Baby -Video-

Bad Things -Video-

Ballymore Boys

Bayou City Twister (Australien)

Beer For My Horses (Bass)

Beer Man

Before The Devil -Video-

Behind The Clouds (Australien) -Video-

Better Days -Video- 

Better Times -Video-

Big Blue Tree -Video-

Big Jimmy -Video-

Big Mom

Bite The Bullet

Black Coffee

Black Eagle

Black Velvet

Blankety Blank -Video-

Bobbie Sue  


Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

Boogie Woogie Rock N Roll -Video-

Book Of Life -Video-   

Boot Scoot

Boot Scoot Boogie

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Bop The B

Bosa Nova -Video-

Boyfriend Of The Year -Video-

Bread And Butter

Break Away

Breaking Horses -Video-

Bring Down The House (Cornier, Henley) -Video-

Bring Me Down -Video-

Bring On The Good Times (Gallagher) -Video-

Bruises -Video-

Buddy -Video-

Bus Stop


C.C.S. -Video-

Cabo San Lucas -Video-

Cajun Slap

California Blue (Bridgeman)

Canadian Stomp (a.k.a. Snake Oil) -Video-

Cannibal Stomp (Australien)

Chattahoochee 1 -Video-

Cherokee Boogie 1

Chill Factor  -Video-

Chilly Cha Cha

Chop -Video-

Christmas Polka

Chug A Lug - Chug A Lug

Clickety Clack

Closer (Kelly)


Codigo (Stott) -Video- 

Colorado Cha Cha (1-Wall)

Colorado Girl -Video- 01/23 aufgefrischt

Come As You Are (Anderson) -Video-

Come Dance With Me 07/22 NEW

Como Yo -Video-

Confusion (38)

Cool In My Boots -Video-

Copperhead Road (a.k.a. Drunken Cowboy)

Corn -Video-

Cotton-Eye Joe

Country 2 Step

Country As A Boy Can Be -Video-

Country As Can Be -Video-  

Country Cowboy

Country Tears

Country Walkin‘

Cowboy Chacha

Cowboy Charleston -Video-

Cowboy For A Night -Video-

Cowboy Hustle (20)

Cowboy Stomp (28)

Cowboy Strut 1

Cowboy Twist

Cowboy Yoddle Song -Video-

Cowgirl's Twist

Crawfish And Pie (Video)

Crazy Foot Mambo -Video-

Crazy Little Thing!


Cry Cry Cry (Sittrop) -Video-


Dancing In The Dark  


Desirable -Video-

Didya Ever


Doctor, Doctor (Masters In Line) -Video-

Don’t Be Stupid (St. Leon) (Australien)

Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo

Down On Your Uppers -Video- 

Down To The Honkytonk (Morel) -Video-

Dream Lover (Whittaker) -Video-


Easy Swivel -Video-

El Camino -Video-

Electric Slide

Electric Slide (Austria)


Enchantment 02/23 NEW aufgefrischt

Endless -Video-



Fall in Line

Fisher's Hornpipe -Video-

Fishin‘ in the Dark 1

Flobie Slide -Video-

Flying Eights

Folsom Prison Dance

Foot Boogie

Four Corners 1

Friendly Cha

Funny Dancer -Video-



Galway Girls -Video-

Get Your Feet Down -Video-

Ghost Train

Go Cat Go -Video-

God Blessed Texas -Video-

Goin' Swingin' Tonight

Going Back West -Video-

Good Day To Run -Video-

Good Start -Video-

Good Time (Cain) -Video-

Got My Baby Back -Video-

Gypsy Queen -Video-



Half Past Nothin' -Video-

Hallelujah (Castagnoli) -Video-

Heads or Tails

Hearts And Flowers -Video-

Heave Away

Heartbreak Express


Heaven On Earth (Castagnoli) -Video-

Hillbilly Girl (McGrath) -Video-

Hillbilly Nuts

Hillbilly Rap Dance

Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll (Australien) -Video- -Video-

Holly's Church -Video-

Honey Kisses (Australien) (Video)

Honeysuckle (Bar Tos) -Video-

Honky Tonk Stomp

Honky Tonk Twist  



I am a Cowboy

I Love A Rainy Night (Mooney)

I Ride A Horse (Kath Fife)

I'll Be There (McMall) -Video-

I‘m from the Country

Indigo Moon (McGowan Hickie/Hunn)


Irish Stew -Video-  

Islands In The Stream 1 Jones

Italian Line Dance -Video-

It's Alright (Castagnoli) -Video-




Jacob's Ladder (Australien) -Video-

Jai' Du Boogie

Jambalaya (Australien)


Jolene (Tradewell)

JR -Video-

Judy Rocks -Video-

Jukebox (Thompson)

Just A Little Love -Video-

Just A Memory -Video-

Just A Minute

Just Add Moonlight -Video-

Just Can't  Wait

Justin Tyme



Kid Rock Alabama -Video-

Kill The Spiders (Video)

Kiss Off -Video-

Knee Deep (Metelnick / Biggs) -Video-


Lalali -Video-

Last Cowboy -Video-

Lay Down And Dance -Video- 

Lay Down Sally -Video-

Le Doux Shuffle

Leaving Of Liverpool -Video- 

Lindi Shuffle -Video-


Lipstick, Powder And Paint -Video-

Little Burrito -Video  03/23 NEW

Little Chapel -Video-

Little Tattoo -Songvideo & Tanzvideo-

Lonely Drum -Video-

Lonesome U

Long Pride -Video-

Love Someone (Hollnsteiner) -Video-

Love Trick -Video-



M & D -Video-

Mama & Daddy -Video-

Mama Loo -Video-

Mamma Africa

Margarita Cha

Maria -Video-

Mexi Fest -Video-

Mexicali -Video- 

Mexican Pepper Doll -Video-

Million Dollar Dance -Video-

Moonlight Kiss (Gallagher) -Video-

Montana 1

Mr Lonely -Video- 07/22 NEW

Mucara Walk  



Native American

North O' The Border  



Oh Suzannah (Australien) -Video-

Okie Dokie

Old Love -Video-

One Eight Hundred

One Horse Town (Johnston)

Open Heart Cowboy -Video-



P3 -Video-

Party For Two (Herbert)

Pay Me My Money Down -Video- 11/22 NEW

People Are Crazy (Teather)

Pick A Bale -Video- 

Picnic Polka


Por Ti Sere






Raggle Taggle Gypsy O -Video-


Red Hot Salsa -Video-

Red Carpet -Video- 10/22 NEW

Reet Petite (Video)

Reggae Cowboy (20)

Rhyme Or Reason -Video-

Rhythm Of The Road  

Ride, Ride, Giddy Up -Video-Ride, Ride, Giddy Up -Video-

Rita's Waltz

Rio -Video-

Rock Around The Clock

Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'N' Roll Bride -Video- 01/23 NEW aufgelegt

Rockland -Video-

Rollin' With The Flow -Video-

Rose Garden

Rose-A-Lee -Video-

Rufus -Video-




Sailor Boy -Video-

San Antonio To Go -Video-

Save The Horse (D'Angelo u.a.)

Say What?  

Scotia Samba

Scrap It


Sixteen Step

Sky Bumpus

Slappin Leather

Some Beach (McGowan Hickie)

Some Girls (Mason)

Something In The Water (Poulsen) -Video-

South Side Shuffle 1

South Side Shuffle 2 -Video-

Step By Love -Video-

Sticks And Stones (Saerens) -Video-

Stitch It Up -Video-

Stomp(ing) It Out


Stroll Along Cha Cha  -Video-

Sugar & Pai (Video) 

Sugartown 1

Summer Fly -Video-

Sunbeam -Video-

Sweet Home America

Sweet Little Dangerous (Harkness) -Video-

Sweet Sweet Smile (Two Step & Scott)




Tag On -Video-

Take A Breather  

Take A Little Driver -Video-

Take Me Home Country Roads (Max, Peters)  

Tassie Devil (Australien)

Texas Time (Birchall, Jax) -Video-


TH-Guest Ranch (Thelma House) -Video-  

Thankyou (Cooper, Turner) -Video-

The Boat To Liverpool -Video-

The Lion Sleeps

The Morning After (Gallagher, O'Reilly) -Video- 01/23 NEW

(The) Trail -Video-

The Train Depot -Video- 

Thinkin' Country -Video-

Three JEM's (Jesus, Elvis, and Me) -Video-

Tipping Point -Video- 01/23 NEW

Truck A Truck -Video-

To Save My Life

Toes -Video-

Touch Of Heaven -Video-

Train Wreck (Poulsen)

Triple Mix -Video-

Truck A Truck -Video- 01/23 NEW

Turning (Sarlemijn/Trepat) -Video-

Tush Push

Two By Two -Video- 01/23 NEW




Underground -Video-

Urban Grace



Virginia Home Hop

Virginia Home Slow



Wagon Wheel Rock -Video-

Walking Backward (McGowan-Hickie)

Waltz Across Texas


Wanne Be Me (Lawton)

Watermelon Crawl -Video-

Wave On Wave -Video-

We Only Live Once -Video-

Where We've Been

Whiskey Bridges -Video-

White Rose -Video-

Whole Again

Whiskeys Gone (Fowler) -Video- 01/23 NEW

Wishful Thinking (O'Neill) -Video-





Yipee Yi Yo -Video- 02/23 NEW

You Can Bet Your Boots (Australien) -Video-

You're So Naughty

Your Lips (Göldner) -Video-



Zanzare -Video- 03/23 NEW

Zjozzys Funk (a.k.a. Zjozzy's Funk, Zjossie's Funk, Djozzys Funk) -Video-



Barn Dance (Alias: Dick And Geneva's Western Barn Dance)

Billy Boy (Takac) -Video- 

Butterfly -Video-

Colorado Cha Cha (1-Wall)

Cotton Eye Joe

Cotton Eye Joe -Mixer- (Partner) -Video-

El Paso

Five Minutes

Let’s Go Girls

Lover Please Come Back -Video-

Rufus -Video-

Sixteen Step (Rebel Strut, Wrangler Polka) -Video-

Tance Step

Ten Step

Texas Scottish

Travelling Cha-Cha

Traveling Cha Cha 2

Two Step

Wild Wild Westr