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Dezember 2018

November 2018

Oktober 2018

September 2018


Bring It On Over -Video-

Walk In The Night -Video-


Before The Night Is Through -Video-

Road House Rock -Video-

Shiny Eyes -Video-


Born To Drive -Video-

C. C. C. (Coca Cola Cowboy) -Video-

Move Over, Rover -Video-

Summer Samba -Video-

Those Were The Nights -Video-

Watch Me Go -Video-


Loud Love -Video-

What I Am -Video-


Buenos Noches (Bent, Britta) -Video-


Both Be On Our Way -Video-

Down To The Honkytonk (Johns-Grose)  -Video-

Neon Tan -Video-


A Little Bit Of Both -Video-

Kinda Like It's Love -Video-


A Lifetime -Video-

Another Saturday Night -Video-

Pump Jack (Jacobson, u.a.) -Video-

Special Delivery -Video-


Sangria Sun -Video-

Second Time Around -Video-


8th Day -Video-

Hello Heart (Feinberg) -Video-

Texas Time AB -Video-


Groovy Love -Video-

Will I Do (Wolf) -Video-


Damn!!! (Fowler) -Video-

I Believe (Cooper, u.a.) -Video-


Sippin On Breakfast Beer -Video-

Dirty Little Secret -Video-


Fully Clothed -Video-


Blue Bayou (Prats) -Video-

Down To The Honkytonk -Video-

Nickels & Dimes (Andre) -Video-

Wide Open (Albro) -Video-


August 2018


Down At The Honky Tonk -Video-

Memories Drown The Whiskey -Video-


Drive (Birchall, Jax) -Video-


A Double Whiskey -Video-

All I Am Is You -Video-

Beyond The Sea (Russell) -Video-

Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights -Video-

Cry Pretty -Video-

Diggin' -Video-

Jack I'm Mellow -Video-

Love Is The Name -Video-

My Tequila Mockingbird -Video-

Summerville -Video-

The Big Revival -Video-

The Chair (Russell) -Video-


Dose Of Country -Video-


I Want A Cowboy For A Night -Video-

It's A Shore Thing -Video-

Keepin' It Real -Video-

Mamma Mia! Why Me? -Video-

Snowgirl -Video-

Where Did All The Cowboys Go -Video-

Willies Alive -Video-


Crimsen Red For 2 -Video-

Feel Alive -Video-


A Gemini -Video-

Dogs Get Old -Video-

Drowns Whiskey -Video-

Girl With The Finish Rod -Video-

Long Haul Stroll -Video-


Gone Country Again -Video-

Funk In The Country -Video-


Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao -Video-


Little Games -Video-

Sweet Virginia -Video-


Hotshot (Harrold) -Video-

Lady In Red (Ward) -Video-


Blaze Of Glory (Ward u.a.) -Video-

Except Monday -Video-

Keeping Secrets -Video-

Put Your Thang On Me -Video-

She's On The Way -Video-

Winnie O'Neill -Video-


Boyz & Girlz Be Rockin -Video-


Juli 2018


Dance Around This Room -Video-

The Yellow And Green -Video-

You Are My People -Video-


Lifers -Video-


Bailando Dos Corazones (Two Dancing Hearts) -Video-


Beeswing -Video-

Quiero Amor (I Want Love) -Video-

The Thing About You -Video-


Cold Feet (O'Reilly)  -Video-

Get It Right (Glover) -Video-


Ab Zum See (Austrian Summer) -Video-


Louisiana Girl -Video-

Perfect Place -Video-

Vita Nuova (New Life) -Video-


Straight To Hell -Video-


Can You Hear Them -Video-

Friends In Hell -Video-


Bella Ciao -Video-


Gypsies In The Night -Video-

La Belle Romania -Video-

Some Town LDP -Video-

Suga Suga -Video-


Forward & Back -Video-

Holy Moly Guacamole -Video-

Just A Burning Man -Video-


American Muscle -Video-

Cloud 9 -Video-

Drowns The Whiskey -Video-

Forever Swing -Video-

From Hell To Paradise (Güldenfuß) -Video-

Goodnight Baby -Video-

If You Dare -Video-

Just My Type -Video-

Livin' On Love (Ullenstav) -Video-

My Wave -Video-

On A Roll -Video-

Queen Of Hearts -Video-

Rolling Home -Video-

Streets Of You -Video-

Texas Time (Birchall, Jax)

The Grand Tour -Video-

The King's Horses -Video-

When I Look At You -Video-


Juni 2018


Revelation Day -Video-

Tall Tall Trees -Video-


Daisy -Video-

Elvis Coast Swing -Video-

Frozen -Video-

Hold Me -Video-

Hollibobs -Video-

I Gotta Feeling (Ullenstav)

I Think About You

I'll Be There (Gallagher) -Video-

Let You Be Right -Video-

Margarita Girl -Video-

Paradise (Castagnoli) -Video-


Simple As Can Be -Video-


Back Home Again -Video-

Beautiful Flames -Video-

Five Million Pieces -Video-

Free Heart -Video-

Goosebumps (Verhagen, Vos) -Video-

Hold Tight -Video-

Missing AB -Video-

Mother's Daughter -Video-

Movie Star (Palmer) -Video-

My Lucky Day -Video-

One 4 LDF -Video-

One Touch At A Time -Video-

Sad Looking Moon -Video-

She Made My Day -Video-

This Song Is For You -Video-


Delicate -Video-

Feeling Good (Schneider, Barton) -Video-

Highway Heroes -Video-

Jack Daniels On Ice -Video-

Mind Made Up

My Kind Of Music -Video-

Perfect Without The Turns -Video-

Rock A Billy Rock -Video-

What Ever -Video-

When I'm Out Tonight -Video-

Why Can't I Say Goodbye -Video-


Mai 2018


Little Bit -Video-

Stop Me (Barton) -Video-

Vanotek Cha -Video-


Goodbye Tears -Video-


Stop Me From Falling -Video-

Young Forever (Formosa) -Video-


Back On Texas Time -Video-

Cuba Libre -Video-

Lockin' For Love -Video-

Tennessee Cha -Video-

Texas Time -Video-

Turn'em On -Video-

Way Too Long -Video

Whiskey Smooth -Video-


Got To Be You (Krause-Schrenck) -Video-


Another Sleepless Night (Krause-Schenck) -Video-

Crimson Red -Video-

Melanie -Video-


Barefootin (Evangelista) -Video-

Familiar -Video-

Little Things You Do -Video-

Love Line (Verhagen) -Video-

Short Fall -Video-

Stop Me -Video-

Taking Chances (Vos) -Video-

You Wouldn't Know Me -Video-


April 2018



Get Along -Video-

Half A Song -Video-

Salty Senorita

She's My Baby -Video-

You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You -Video-


Baby, I Do -Video-

Back To The Bar -Video-

Candy Kisses -Video-

Dance Away (Tobin) -Video-

Guilty (Barton) -Video-

Men Buy The Drinks -Video-

She Ain't In It (Mitchell) -Video-

Simple Siamsa -Video-

Stories We Could Tell (Blankenship, ua) -Video-

The Tea For Two Cha Cha -Video-

Waltzing Whiskey -Video-


AB Sailor -Video-

Another Girl -Video-

Boot Scootin' Woman -Video-

Cachito Mio -Video-

Can't Cry Pretty -Video-

Country Curves -Video-

George's Song -Video-

Hi Bartender -Video-

Hold A Candle -Video-

I Close My Eyes -Video-

If I Go To Heaven -Video-

Invitation Blues -Video-

Love Lifted Me (Neff) -Video-

Love Me Silly -Video-

Ol' Red -Video-

Rosie Rolls Into Brooklyn -Video-

Saturday Boogie -Video-

Sunshine Twist -Video-

Waiting On The Stars -Video-

Walk Of Shame -Video-


If I've Told You Once, I've Told You Twice -Video-

Why Me (Ullenstav) -Video-


Dancing On A Monday -Video-

Someday (Leong) -Video-


A Message -Video-

Mama's Good Lookin' Country Boy -Video-


A Little Less Whiskey -Video-

Our House -Video-

Say Something (Bonnier) -Video-


Crash Course -Video-

Georgie (Owen) -Video-

Pretty Pretty Girl -Video-

Raining Glitter -Video-


Be Careful What You Wish For -Video-

Dark Moon (Copeman)

One Two Three (Larson) -Video-

Parallel Lines -Video-

Possum's Good For You -Video-


Broke Up -Video-

Come On Over (Smith) -Video-

Granddaddy Smoked Salems -Video-

Half A Cha -Video-

Havana -Video-

Like A Fine Wine -Video-

Like A Heat Wave -Video-

Mary Mary Me -Video-

Rest Of Me -Video-

Stepping Over Rainbows AB -Video-

What Now My Love -Video-


Burning Whiskey (aka Copperhead Road 32) -Video

Butterflies (Berenger) -Video-

Damn! -Video-

Dirt Rich -Video-

Don't Get Better Than That -Video-

Halley's Visit -Video-

Honky Tonk Highway (Montgomery) -Video-

Kaw-Liga (Andrew, u.a.) -Video-

Lost & Found -Video-

My Lil Home Town -Video-

Outlaw In 'Em -Video-

Something I Can't Have -Video-

Son Of A Son Of A Sailor -Video-

Take It From Me -Video-

Thoroughly Modern Millie -Video-


Just A Country Boy (Urgert, u.a.) -Video-

Millionaire -Video-

My Sweet Boy Lollipop XOX -Video-

Only Ones To Know -Video-

Slow Roll It -Video-

Travelin' -Video-

Wonderful World Of Country Music -Video-


Alice -Video-

Broken Rules -Video-

Cuba -Video-

Mr Postman -Video-

Nothing I Can Do About It Now -Video-


Better Days -Video-

Born To Love You -Video-

Everybody's Someone (Roos) -Video-

EZ Cha Cha -Video-

Little Secret -Video-

Lucky I'm In Love -Video-

Parallel Line AB -Video-

Rockin' Down Mexico Road -Video-

Rodeo Boots -Video-

Wish You Were Beer -Video-


Hello Trouble (Alemany, Osuna) -Video-

Hooked (Rathbun) -Video-

Hooked On -Video-

Locking At The Moon -Video-

M.O.V.E. -Video-

Martina -Video-

Mexican Kisses -Video-

Mood Swing (Ward, Glover, Watson) -Video-

More You -Video-

Pretty Kisses -Video-


Dark Water -Video-

Giddy Up (Strong, Speck)

You Are The Only One -Video-


A Lotta Bad Habits -Video-

See Ya Cecilia -Video-


Adventure 45 -Video-

Amen -Video-

Just A Game (McGowan Hickie, Beau)-Video-

Let's Get Curious -Video-

Too Groovy -Video-


Life Moves On -Video-

Lucky Lips Are Always Kissing -Video-

Never Go Away -Video-


März 2018


Coming Home (Goodman) -Video-

I'll Be Your Fighter -Video-


Lyin' Eyes (Bücher) -Video-

Zivot Nije Siv (Life Is Not Grey) -Video-


(Another Shot Of Glory -Video-

Baby Lets Ride -Video-

For This Moment -Video-

Go Dixieland -Video-

Hillbilly Guitars -Video-

I Don't Want Water -Video-

Just Gettin' Warmed Up -Video-

Need New Boots

Snow Woman -Video-

That Thing We Do (Ullenstav) -Video-


Boatman Dance -Video-

Close Enough -Video-

Down River Road -Video-

Empty Space -Video-

Ends Of The Earth -Video-

Every Step Of The Way -Video-

Not Your One Night Stand -Video-

OK -Video-

Underneath These Stars -Video-


Ex's & Oh's -Video-

Gonna Be Alright (Maxwell) -Video-

I Want Love -Video-

The Middle (Carlsson) -Video-

This Is It, This Is Now -Video-

West Texas Town -Video-

You Can Reach It (Anything Is Possible) -Video


Boots (Glover) -Video-

Chicken Truck (Holcomb) -Video-

Sold At The Grundy County Auction -Video-


A Little Bit Of Love (Simon, u.a.) -Video-

Barefootin' (Kennedy) -Video-

Born To Be Alive

Bury Me -Video

Come Monday I'll Be Holding You Tight -Video-

Rocket To The Sun -Video-

Moody River AB

Steamboat Ride -Video-


Born Ready -Video-

Pretty Girl -Video-

Run For Your Life -Video-

Safe In My Arms -Video-

Safe In My Arms EZ -Video-

Time To Let Go -Video-

Waiting For The Summer -Video-

What I Miss Most -Video-


Ah! I Like It -Video-

Fins To The Left, Fins To The Right -Video-

Heck If I Know -Video-

Home Is A Feeling -Video-

Lookin For A Girl -Video-

Never Going Up -Video-

On The Loose -Video

Raise Some Hell -Video-

Rolling Girl -Video-

You Are The Reason Baby -Video-


Farm Boots -Video-

Go Out Dancing -Video-

Murphy's Bar -Video-

Oh Baby Baby -Video-

Praise Jesus -Video-

Take Me Anywhere -Video-

Too Gone Too Long -Video-

Waitress, I Need Two More Boat Drinks -Video-


Beautiful Broken -Video-

Like You (Segantini) -Video-

Love Someone -Video-

Now You Know -Video-

On My Mind (Van Dongen) -Video-

Seeing Blind -Video-

Up Down -Video-


A Stiff Drink -Video-

Heart Letting Go -Video-

Just To Satisfy You -Video-

Kiss Me Boots -Video-

Lonely Lady (Elliott) -Video-

Pull You Through Easy -Video-

Smoke, Fire -Video-

The Next Time I'm In Town (Lapp, u.a.) -Video-


Best Year Yet -Video-

Bohemia -Video-

Drinking Alone -Video-

I Lived It -Video-

Not For The World -Video-


Anywhere (Lemaire) -Video-

Get Down South -Video-

Holding On To You -Video-

Lady Cowboy -Video-

Let Me Go -Video-

Sweet Little Dance -Video-


About Her -Video-

Doing The Walk -Video-

Irish Rainbow -Video-

Kerry Slides -Video-

Nickie's Night Out -Video-

Perfect (Partnertanz) -Video-

Rock Me Gently (Ray) -Video-

Silver Wings (Royko) -Video-


Don't Let It Fool You -Video-

Got The Rhythm -Video-

Half Of Mistakes -Video-

I Was Made For Dancing -Video-

Lil Mama -Video-

My Mother My Teacher My Friend (Weisburd) -Video-

Single You Up -Video-


A Little Tension -Video-

The Drifter -Video-

The Grain


A Wild Weekend -Video-

Believe In You -Video-

Cowboy Rides Away -Video-

In Comes The Night -Video-

On Highway 65 -Video-

Sinful Polka -Video-

Sunday Paper -Video-

Super Boy -Video-

The Fox -Video-

Till The End Of Time -Video-


Go Wild (Bishop)

Heart Break Radio -Video-

Hey Rock N Roll

How Far To Waco (Bishop) -Video-

Hurtin Comes Easy -Video-

I Can Dream (Bishop) -Video-

Little Blue Volkswagan

One Love -Video-

Radio (Bishop) -Video-

Rebell Yell -Video-

Turning Away From Love -Video-

You Are The One (Bishop) -Video-


Any Ol' Barstool -Video-

Bring Me Love and Sunshine

Celtic Duo -Video-

Easy Cowboy (Koning) -Video-

Lullaby -Video-

Making It Easy -Video-

Ring Ring Telephone Ring -Video-

Soggy Bottom Summer -Video-

Spilt Whiskey -Video-

The Last One Standing -Video-


Bang Bang Boom -Video-

Chicken Truck (Todd) -Video-

Gonna (Ullenstav) -Video-

Goosebumps -Video-

Indalo Shuffle -Video-

Rings Around My Heart -Video-

Teenage Idol -Video-

Train Wrecked -Video-

Until Then -Video-

We Got Love -Video-


Ain't No Excuses -Video-

DreamGal -Video-

Got To Keep Rolling -Video-

Hidden Tears (Liebsch) -Video-

Let's Fool Around -Video-

Make A Little Love -Video-

Only On My Memory -Video-

Way Too Many Cheese-
burgers In Paradise

Whiskey Bridges -Video-

Wind You Up -Video-


Girl Next Door (Thomas) -Video-

When I Taste Tequila -Video-


Baby Don't Get Too Close -Video-

Capital Letters (Pol) -Video-

Coming Your Way -Video-

EZ Poetry In Motion -Video-

Feels Like Love (Urgert, v. Tiggelen) -Video-

Heart Shaped Locket -Video-

No More Tears (Dacumos) -Video-

Stay On Your Side -Video-

Set Yourself Free - Ready Set Whiskey -Video-

She's My Baby And I Love Her -Video-

Tara's Dance -Video-


Backbeat -Video-

Breaking Horses -Video-

Capital Letters (Gallagher) -Video-

Eyes For You (Galanska) -Video-

I Wanna Go Out Dancing -Video-

Jump Right In -Video-

Let's Groove -Video-

Next One -Video-

To The Moon & Back -Video-

Twins -Video-


Broken (Johnston, Davenport) -Video

Country Boom Boom -Video-

Hot 2 Touch (Mitchell) -Video-

Keep Your Clothes On -Video-

Mr Cash -Video-

Nailed It Easy

Razor Blade -Video

Til I'm Done -Video-

Your Time's Coming -Video-


Back Road Body -Video-

Drink In My Hand (McLean) -Video-

Here's To The Nights -Video-

Huckle Duck -Video-

Lonely Call -Video-

You Broke Up With Me -Video-


Ding Dong -Video-

Hangover (Walker) -Video-

Hey Babe You Broke Up With Me -Video-

Ring On Every Finger -Video-

The Game (Honing) -Video-


A Little Bit Jealous -Video-

Born To Love (Holley) -Video-

No Tomorrow (Heelan) -Video-

Perfect Skies -Video-

Rain Dancing -Video-

To Run To -Video-


Coming Alive -Video-

Dreamin' (Sholes, Blankenship) -Video-

Jack And Diane -Video-



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TOP Twenty / Fifty UK

(Platz am 15.09.2018)


01 (02) Celtic Duo -Video-

02 (01) I Close My Eyes -Video-

03 (04) People Are Good -Video-

04 (03) I Got This Too -Video-

04 (06) Tightrope -Video-

06 (05) Texas Time (Birchall, Jax) -Video-

07 (09) Taking Chances (Vos) -Video-

08 (10) Get It Right (Glover) -Video-

09 (08) Missing (Barton) -Video-

10 (07) Vanotek Cha -Video-

11 (16) Groovy Love -Video-

12 (13) Rocket To The Sun -Video-

13 (11) Whiskey Bridges -Video-

14 (12) My Tequila Mockingbird -Video-

15 (14) Sad Looking Moon -Video-

16 (15) If You Dare -Video-

17 (18) Wandering Hearts -Video-

18 (20) Melodia -Video-

19 (21) Blessed -Video-

20 (41 wieder da) Mamma Mia! Why Me? -Video-


21 (17) Hold A Candle -Video-

22 (28) I Believe (Cooper, u.a.) -Video-

23 (22) Highway Honky Tonk -Video-

24 (24) Dear Friend -Video-

25 (19) Down On Your Uppers -Video-

26 (27 wieder da) Nancy Mulligan (Gallagher) -Video-

27 (26) Young Blood (Metelnick, Biggs) -Video-

28 (25) Love Remains -Video-

28 (32) Nothing I Can Do About It Now -Video-

30 (30) Hey Senorita AB -Video-

31 (22) Every Time She Walks By -Video-

31 (28) Woman Amen (Fowler) -Video-

33 wieder da Triple Mix -Video-

33 wieder da Big Blue Tree -Video-

33 (41 wieder da) Left In The Dark -Video-

36 (39) Story Of A Heart -Video-

37 (47) Guilty (Barton) -Video-

38 wieder da Stand By You -Video-

38 (34) Blaze Of Glory (Ward u.a.) -Video-

41 (50) Outside In -Video-

42 (31) Hotshot (Harrold) -Video-

43 (39 wieder da) More Than Amigos (Hunt) -Video-

43 (49 wieder da) Beautiful Broken -Video-

43 (38) Dirty Little Secret -Video-

46 (50 wieder da) Mamma Maria -Video-

47 (45 wieder da) Falling For You -Video-

47 (34) Superheroes -Video-

49 wieder da Thinkin' Country -Video-

49 (41)  The Long Way Home -Video-

49 (31) Champagne Promise -Video-












?? (29) I'll Be There (Gallagher) -Video-

?? (29) To The Moon & Back -Video-

?? (31) Perfect (Johnstone, u.a.) -Video-

?? (33) Pull You Through -Video-

?? (34 wieder da) From The Ground Up -Video-

?? (37) Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video-

?? (42 neu) Beeswing -Video-

?? (43 wieder da) Lonely Drum -Video-

?? (45) After The Storm -Video-

?? (45) Crimson Desire -Video-

?? (46 wieder da) Amen -Video-

?? (47) Dancin' The Dust -Video-