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März 2022

Februar 2022

Januar 2022


Blurry Eyes -Video-

Heartbreak Song -Video-

Pickup -Video-


Goodbye Town -Video-

If Not Now -Video-


1 + 1 -Video-


In Heaven -Video-

Gives Me Shivers -Video-


Looking At Me -Video-

Water Color -Video-


Rather Be Lonesome -Video-

Snowflakes -Video-


Fallen Wings -Video-


Buy Dirt -Video-

Halfway Romance -Video neu-

My Somebody -Video-

Not In Love With You -Video-

Wannabe My Lover -Video-


Danger Twins -Video-

Jacket On -Video-

Known For Loving You -Video-

Waltz To The Moon -Video-


Dancing Cowboy Hats -Video-


Other Side Of The Hill -Video-

Our Motto -Video-

'Til You Can't -Video-


Dezember 2021


Everywhere (The Highlander) -Video-

Like Fire In The Dark -Video-

Take It (Argyle) -Video-


So Marvellous -Video-


Elaine's Cha -Video-

Stretchy Pants -Video-


Angels We Heard On High -Video-


Christmas On Tour -Video-


Oh So Easy -Video-


Joy To The World -Video-


A Little Bit Louder -Video-

Blowing Smoke -Video-


Oh Soleil Soleil -Video-

Tell Me Baby -Video-

U Gurl -Video-


Give Into The Night -Video-


Call You Mine -Video-

Cyber Samba -Video-

Hold On (O'Reilly) -Video-


Stop Draggin' Your Boots -Video-


Feel Alright (Fitzgerald, Harris) -Video-

I Only Date Cowboys -Video-


Christmas Twist -Video-


November 2021


Hot Chilli Mama -Video neu-

Life Is A Mystery -Video-

Only Us -Video-


Dancing Into The Stars -Video-

Diamond -Video-

Double Back -Video-

Halfway Romance -Video-

Its U Gurl -Video-

On The Sesh -Video-

Suda (aka Sweat) -Video-

Time To Be Alive -Video-

Two Years -Video-


Hot Chilli Mama -Video-

New Truck -Video-

Running On High -Video-

The Thing (Fowler u.a.) -Video-


Dance Without A Partner -Video-

Dopamine Betty -Video-

Going Out Out -Video-


Can I Get It -Video-

Contigo With Me -Video-

Latin Fusion -Video-

OMG - Oh My God -Video-


Back On Monday -Video-

Oh Mama (Birchall, ua) -Video

Some Kind Of Wonderful (O'Reilly) -Video-

Sweet Blessing -Video-


Daylight Come -Video-

Drivin' My Life Away -Video-

Maverick & Goose -Video-


Second To Midnight -Video-

You're Some Girl -Video-


Price For Love -Video-

Starlight (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-


Out Out -Video-


Drunk On A Boat -Video-


Dancing In The Aisles  -Video-

Don't Break The Heart -Video-

Friends Don't Let Friends -Video-

Keep The Dream Alive -Video-

S.O.B. GZSZ -Video-


Dixie Fix -Video-

He's My Baby -Video-

Relax (Orsatti) -Video-

Stormy Clouds -Video-


Hey Now (Iko Iko) -Video-

The Night That Went On For Days -Video-


Oktober 2021


God So Loved -Video-


Baby It's Cold Outside -Video-

Overpass Graffiti -Video-

The Joker And The Queen -Video-


45 Degrees -Video-

Home (Kaeswurm) -Video-

Love Me Now -Video-


Just Fly -Video-

Tequila Talkin' -Video-


A Scotsman's Story -Video-

Above & Beyond -Video-

Crimson Blue -Video-

Here Goes Nothing -Video-

Peppermint Twist -Video-

Simple Things (Furnell, Godden) -Video-

You Say It Best -Video-


Beer, Bait & Ammo (Schmidt) - Video-

Corn For Us (Partner) -Video-


Green Door (Elliott)

Next Girl (Pelletier)-Video-

Next Girl (Partner) -Video-


Bloor Street -Video-

Thunderbird (Albro) -Video-

Thunderbird (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-


Painted Town -Video-

Slippin' Away -Video-

The Beer's On Me -Video-


Easy On Me -Video-

Keep Up If You Can (aka. Dancin' Boots) -Video-

Line Dance Man (Tomasz & Angela) -Video-

Mixing Moon -Video-

Ring Ding -Video-

Rosa Del Mar -Video-

Roxanne's Tango -Video-

Shoutin' Hallelujah -Video-

Starlights -Video-

Sugar Mamma -Video-

Visiting Hours -Video-


Till We Meet Again (Verhagen, u.a.) -Video-


2020 -Video-

Peng You (Friends) -Video-

Please Dance With Me -Video-

The Beat Don't Stop -Video-

The Rhythm Of Love -Video-

Where Are You Now? (Verdonk, ua) -Video-


Daddy's Girl -Video-

Tennessee Two Step -Video-

Tequila Fiesta -Video-


Burn The Floor -Video-

I Believe (Musk) -Video-

Why I Got A Truck -Video-


A Spanish Man In Black -Video-

Brand New Man (Argyle) -Video-

Stomping Country -Video-


September 2021


Dream On (Fowler) -Video-

Mother's Roses -Video-

My Heart, My Soul -Video-

Something Stupid Rumba -Video-


My Wish For You -Video-

Red Neck Friend -Video-

Shan Chuan -Video-

This Train (Orsatti) -Video-


Here We Go (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-

South Of Queen -Video-


23 (Ocean Way) -Video-

Friday Night (Lockton, Holtland) -Video-

Imma Citiy -Video-


Got Me Missingt -Video-


Heart On Fire (Fowler, u.a.) -Video-

Lucky Dust -Video-

One More Time (Biggs, u.a.) -Video-


Drive All Night -Video-

Fillin' My Cup -Video-

Martha Divine (Argyle) -Video neu-

Sin Amor (Without Love) -Video-


Comin' On Strong (Fowler, ua.) -Video-

No Confusion -Video-

Raised Like That -Video-

Whiplash (Fowler u.a.) -Video-

Workin' Out -Video-


Complimento -Video-

Easy Dance -Video-

Give Me Shivers -Video-

Martha Divine (Argyle) -Video neu-

Old Records -Video-

Shivers -Video-

The Older I Get (Fatruan) -Video-


Shape It Up -Video-


Don't Shut Me Down -Video-

Kiss My Uh Oh -Video-


Iris -Video-


Looking Up (Gallagher) -Video-

Rockin The World -Video-

Unchained Lizzy -Video-

Walls Come Down -Video-


Cold Heart -Video-

Don't Go Yet -Video-


Day One... One Day -Video-

Ndi Hamba Nawe (Go With You) -Video-

Still The One I Love -Video-


August 2021


Lala Swing -Video-

Love Will Turn Around -Video-

Never Comin Down -Video-


Corn -Video-

Somebody's Daughter -Video-

Wild Cards -Video-


Do It All Again -Video-

I Know Doc -Video-


Boom Boom Clap -Video-

In The Morning Sun -Video-

Know My Way Around -Video-


Summer Shake -Video-


Jam Crazy -Video-


Southerland Dance -Video-


Connys Hypnotized -Video-


Duplication -Video-

Soy Desperado -Video-

Sunrise Waltz -Video-


Dancing In Denim And Diamonds -Video-

One Last Two Step -Video-

Piga & Dräng -Video-

Who's Hurting Who (WDM 21) -Video-


Hands Up Like This -Video-

Lonely Hearts (Gallagher) -Video-

You  Can Hear A Heart Break -Video-


Tonight We're Dancing -Video-

Train Wreck (Poulsen) -Video-


Blood On A Rose -Video-

Home Is On The Way -Video-

I Know Jack About That -Video-

Impossible Is Possible -Video-


Losing All Control (WDM21) -Video-

Madelyn -Video-


Over The Rainbow (Kaeswurm) -Video-


Back -Video-

Cyber Drop (WDM 21) -Video-


Lost In The Summer -Video-

Pinar Del Rio -Video-


The Black Pearl -Video-


And I Say -Video-

I'm Good -Video-


Sexy Eyes (O'Reilly) -Video-


Hey Gringo (Vos) -Video-

Would You -Video-


She's In Love -Video-

Spanish Airways -Video-

Tequila Sundown -Video-

Two To 2-Step -Video-


Juli 2021


Shouting To The Monsters -Video-


Good Things -Video-

Hugs And Kisses (aka Buddy's Song) -Video-

I Miss Your Kisses -Video-

Kesi -Video-

You Did -Video-


Loco Shuffle -Video-

Old Love Song -Video-


Now, Always, Forever -Video-


Four Strong Winds -Video-

Hillbilly Bounce -Video-


Late Night Habits -Video-

Same Boat -Video neu-


Crazy What A Song Can Do -Video-

Told U So -Video-


Kind To Me -Video-


A Little Loretta -Video-

Man With The Mandolin -Video-

Monkey Swing -Video-

Rocky Jukebox -Video-


Bad Habits -Video-

Crazy Song -Video-

I Love You (Valassi) -Video-


Safe And Sound - Video-

Witchcraft -Video-


What A Song Can Do -Video-


A Crying Shame -Video-

Absolutely Not -Video-

Against The Wind -Video-

Mountain Of Love (Wall) -Video-

Thrill Me Cha Cha -Video-


Beach And The Boulevard -Video-

Te Llaman Bonita -Video-

Your Man (Ben) -Video-


Neon Cha Cha -Video-


Dance Before You Leave Me -Video-

Perennial Bloom -Video-

Summer Breeze Bachata -Video-


Juni 2021


Dance Before You Leave Me -Video-

Perennial Bloom -Video-

Summer Breeze Bachata -Video-


Cowboy Hat (Fowler, ua)-Video-

D.O.D -Video-

Like A Lady -Video-


Black Hole Easy (Aka Little Black Hole) -Video-

Lack Of Afro -Video-

My Only One (Stewart) -Video-

Same Boat -Video-


Crazy Legs (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

Pawprints On Our Hearts -Video-

River Kids -Video-


A Little Light On -Video-

Happy Music (...and Chimichangas) -Video-


Five To Decide -Video-

Just A Little BS (Bobbie Sue) -Video-


Hello Beautiful -Video-

Lifeline -Video-


Beer 10 -Video-

Dance You Off -Video-

Every Time I Cry -Video-

Lost Sound -Video-


Cowboy Yodel -Video-


Blue Jean Baby (Lockton, Holtland) -Video-

She Cares -Video-


My Bestie -Video-


Black Sheep (Valassi) -Video-

Make Me Shine -Video-

The Vibe -Video-

Weekends Look A Little Different -Video-


A Million Voices -Video-

Running Polka -Video-


All I Know So Far -Video-

Love Champagne -Video-

Rolling By The River -Video-

Runaway Rumba -Video-


Would Have Loved Her (Bailey) -Video-

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TOP Twenty / Hundred UK

(Platz am 15.01.2022)


01 (02) Cold Heart -Video-

01 (01) What A Song Can Do -Video-

03 (06) Bad Habits -Video-

04 (04) Raised Like That -Video-

05 (03) Sweet Attraction -Video-

06 (04) I've Seen It All -Video-

07 (08) Train Wreck (Poulsen) -Video-

08 (07) Shouting To The Monsters -Video-

09 (09) Here We Go (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-

09 (13) Danger Twins -Video-

11 (10) Would Have Loved Her (Bailey) -Video-

12 (11) Starlights -Video-

13 (14) The Joker And The Queen -Video-

14 (12) Cyber Drop (WDM 21) -Video-

15 (19) Dance Before You Leave Me -Video-

16 (16) Blindsided -Video-

16 (20) Some Kind Of Wonderful (O'Reilly) -Video-

16 (23) Easy On Me -Video-

19 (18) Faithful Soul -Video-

20 (21) My Somebody -Video-


21 (28) Wintergreen -Video-

22 (26) Missing (Barton) -Video-

23 (14) The Older I Get (Fatruan) -Video-

24 (31) Everywhere (The Highlander) -Video-

25 (17) Thunderbird (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

26 (21) Don't Worry Be Happy (Mabbs) -Video-

26 (28) Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

28 (24) Where Oh Where -Video-

28 (31) Give Me Shivers -Video-

28 (28) Weekend Vibes -Video-

31 (26) Who I Love -Video-

31 (31) Impossible Is Possible -Video-

33 (24) Morning Sun (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

34 (52 neu) 'Til You Can't -Video-

35 (39) My Bestie -Video-

35 (39) Keep The Dream Alive -Video-

35 (31) Codigo (Stott) -Video-

38 (46) When You Smile -Video-

39 (43) Chrystal Touch -Video-

39 (39) Good To Go (Blevins) -Video-

39 (47) Half Past Tipsy -Video-

42 (39) Country In 3 -Video-

42 (43) Fields Of Athenry -Video-

44 (35) You Can Hear A Heart Break -Video-

44 (43) Complimento -Video-

44 (35) Rolling By The River -Video-

47 (47) Our Motto -Video-

48 (35) Against The Wind -Video-

48 (55) A Million Voices -Video-

50 (55) Sexy Eyes (O'Reilly) -Video-

50 (62) Whiskey Bridges -Video-

50 (55) Miss Congeniality -Video-

50 (67) Out Out -Video-

54 (50) Walk Back To Me -Video-

54 (35) Starlight (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

54 (50) We'll Go Dancing -Video-

54 (59) I Close My Eyes  -Video-

54 (52) One Last Two Step -Video-

59 (49) Toot Toot (Burgess) -Video-

59 (62) Champagne Promise -Video-

59 (72) Shivers -Video-

59 (85 neu) Rather Be Lonesome -Video-

63 (62) Sundown Swing -Video-

63 (55) Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video-

63 (62) Wind Up Lonesome (Wall) -Video-

63 (59) Mountain Of Love (Wall) -Video-

63 (94 neu) Gives Me Shivers -Video-

68 (52) I'm Good -Video-

68 (59) Love You Cha -Video-

70 (77) Corn -Video-

70 (72) Come Dance With Me -Video-

72 (77) Looking Up (Gallagher) -Video-

72 (85)  Graffiti -Video-

72 (81) The Captain -Video-

72 (69) Rolling With Love -Video-

72 (69) So Marvellous -Video-

72 (62) Bittersweet Memory -Video-

72 (72) Jersey Boys -Video-

72 (72) Known For Loving You -Video-

80 (69) Backroad Nation (That's Us) -Video-

81 (77) White Rose -Video-

81 (81) Bumblebee -Video-

81 (77) Pass Me A Beer -Video-

81 (81) Head & Heart -Video-

81 (94 neu) Contigo With Me -Video-

81 (85) Take Me Away (Allen) -Video-

87 (94) Gypsy Queen -Video-

87 (67) Secret Samba -Video-

87 (85) Only Us -Video-

90 wieder da One Of Us (Furnell, Godden) -Video-

90 (81) Remember You Young -Video-

92 (72) And We Were In Love -Video-

92 wieder da Double Back -Video-

92 (94 wieder da) Don't Shut Me Down -Video-

95 (85) Rocket To The Sun -Video-

95 (79) A Scotsman's Story -Video-

95 (91 wieder da) Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

95 wieder da Blowing Smoke -Video-

99 (86) Back To The Start (Wheatley) -Video-

96 (90 neu) Buy Dirt -Video-




































?? (78) Suda (aka Sweat) -Video-

?? (78) Out On The Dance Floor -Video-

?? (85) Wellerman AB -Video-

?? (86) The Vibe -Video-

?? (90) Blue Jean Baby (Lockton, Holtland) -Video-

?? (91 wieder da) Please Dance With Me -Video-

?? (94 neu) Water Color -Video-

?? (96) In The Morning Sun -Video-

?? (96 wieder da) Dance With Dee -Video-

?? (97 wieder da) Cyber Remix -Video-

?? (98) Above & Beyond -Video-

?? (99 wieder da) New Country Cha -Video-

?? (99 wieder da) Shot Of Tequila (Whitehouse) -Video-

?? (100 neu) Stop Draggin' Your Boots -Video-