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September 2024

August 2024

Juli 2024


Keep Me In Your Heart -Video-


Joyride (O'Reilly)-Video-


Bambino -Video-

Seasons Over -Video-


Came To Dance -Video-

If I Don't (O'Reilly)-Video-


Bad And Vicious -Video-

Hands In The Mud -Video-

Ride A Cowgirl -Video-


Couldn't Forget -Video-

Southern Gospel -Video-

Tailgate 88 -Video-


I Love This Life (Spence) -Video-

Nathan's Girl -Video-


Easy Come 911 -Video-

Feelin' Famous -Video-

Indian Song -Video-


Don't Slip Away -Video-

Liquor Talking -Video-


Highland Girl -Video-


Juni 2024


Front Door Famous -Video-

We Can't Wait -Video-


Christmas In Dixie -Video-

Oh My Gosh -Video-

When It's Time -Video-


I Can't (Heimann, Mahr) -Video-


Full Throttle (Winson, ua) -Video-

The Thing About Things -Video-


Pequeno Vals -Video-

Sonando Un Poquito -Video-


It's All Mine -Video-

Vibe Check -Video-


Midas Touch (Hunt) -Video-


Before You Leave Me -Video-

I Grew Up On A Farm -Video-

It Takes A Woman -Video-

Love Somebody (Gallagher) -Video-

Miss Thang -Video-


Irresponsible -Video-

Phoenix Arizona 2 (O'Shea) -Video-


Eyes Like Diamonds -Video-


I Will Follow Him (Yang) -Video-

Mi Casa Su Casa -Video-

The Last Shanty -Video-


Second Minute Hour -Video-


Down In MIA -Video-

Makin' The Rounds -Video-


Mai 2024


A Bar Song -Video-

She Wants A Ring -Video-


Islander Girl -Video-


AB Electric -Video-

Beautiful As You -Video-


Broken Soul -Video-

Happy Life -Video-

One More Fight 2024 -Video-


Country Rap -Video-

Deck Of Cards (Wambli) -Video-

Made In Texas -Video-

One On One -Video-


Gangsta's Paradise -Video-

Here To Dance -Video-


Ain't No Angels -Video-

Army Of Lovers -Video-


Can't Stop The Music -Video-

Heaven's Honky Tonk -Video-

Mercy (Gallagher)-Video-


Do It With Passion -Video-

Electric -Video-

Estrella Solitaria -Video-

Reason To Live - Video-

Volando A Casa -Video-


Lose Control (Mather) -Video-


Hurricane Kiss -Video-

Kiss Me Tonight -Video-


Fixation -Video-


April 2024


Happy Street -Video-


Legs (Keep Dancing) -Video-

Portland Dance Floor -Video-

Return To Love -Video-


Betts Life -Video-

Ping Pong -Video-

Take My Love -Video-


Holding On To -Video-


Ain't No Mountain -Video-

Hold Me Now (Dahlgren, ua) -Video-

Thick As Thieves -Video-

Space In My Heart (Gallagher, ua) -Video-


Bed On Fire -Video-

Every Move You Make -Video-

Lake Darbonne -Video-

Texas Hold 'Em -Video-


Neon Nights -Video-

No Angels (Mabbs, ua) -Video-

Space In My Heart -Video-

We Could Be Together (Schneider) -Video-


Homecoming -Video-


März 2024


A Girl On The Coast -Video-

This Ain't Texas -Video-


One Two Step Closer -Video-


Lagrimas De Amor -Video-

We Wont Forget -Video-


Get Get Get Down -Video-

Sin City Lights -Video-


Fixing Me -Video-

My Heart Knows -Video-


Lose Control (Mccann) -Vdeo-

Sugar & Spice -Video-

Tragedy (Sarlemijn)-Video-


All Week Waltz -Video-

Cross My Heart (Winson)-Video neu-

Hills Of Connemara -Video-

Liar (Furnell, ua) -Video-

Ransom -Video-


Best Friends (Metelnick) -Video-

My Five Boys -Video-


Country Can -Video-

Grandpa Tell Me -Video-

We All Grow Up -Video-


Elvis Tonight -Video-

Goodbye's Been Good To You -Video-

Paulo McCount -Video-

Seventy Seven -Video-


Breathe (Ward) -Video neu-

Drop It Down -Video-

Son Of The Mountains -Video-


Magic Nights -Video-

Out The Door (Dembiec) -Video-

Tippin' It Up -Video neu-

You Gave Me -Video-


Baby Walked In -Video-

Brighter Days -Video-

Dark Side Of The Moon -Video-


Februar 2024


Breathe (Ward) -Video-

Still Make Cheyenne -Video-


Pop The Question (Poulsen) -Video-


Amen (Blazko) -Video-

Country Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -Video-

Looking Amazing -Video-

Powerful Woman -Video-

The Original Superman -Video-

Tippin' It Up -Video-


Hold 'Em -Video-


Gonna Love You Anyway -Video-

Loving You Now -Video-


Johnnie Walker Blues -Video-

Washed Up In Austin -Video-


A Wee Bit Lost -Video neu-

Motorcycle Drive -Video-


Back Home -Video-

Heartstrings (Schneider, ua) -Video-

My Kiss Of Death -Video-

Sexy Movies -Video-


Fria -Video-

Put It On -Video-


Fairytale Endings -Video-

You Are Enough -Video-


Straight Line -Video-

Too Late Too Soon -Video-

Wannabe A Mona Lisa -Video-


A Wee Bit Lost -Video-

Get Moving (Richard, ua) -Video-

Northwest -Video-

Whiskeys On Ice -Video-


Can't Pass The Bar -Video-


Cross My Heart (Winson)-Video-

Dancing In Your Arms -Video-

Saxxy -Video-


Life With You -Video-


I'm On Fire (Mabbs, ua) -Video-

Memory Lane (Winson) -Video-

Respect (Furnell, ua) -Video-


Going All The Way -Video-


Januar 2024


BAM! (Lee, ua)-Video-

Sexy Lady (Bailey, ua) -Video-


Forever Young (Kinser, u.a.) -Video-

In Walked You (Gallagher)-Video neu-


Hangout -Video-

I Showed You The Door -Video-

The Card You Gamble -Video-


Good At Being Bad -Video-


All About Now -Video-

Home Is Where The Bar Is -Video-


Fenceposts -Video-

We Got This -Video-


Last Confession -Video-


In Walked You (Gallagher)-Video-

Lay In Your Arms -Video-


Hunting Dog -Video-


Cowboys And Plowboys -Video-

Honky Tonkin' About (Lavoie, u.a.) -Video-

Old Times -Video-

People Pleaser -Video-


Lucy In The Sky -Video-

Take Me Home Swinging -Video-


Mona Lisa (Metelnick) -Video-

Va Va Vis -Video-


Love Sunrise


Dezember 2023


Try To Remember (aka Jim Reeves Waltz) -Video-

Out Of Words -Video neu-


Honky Tonkin' About -Video-


Effort -Video-

Standing Next To You -Video-


Gonna Get Down -Video-

How You Leave A Man -Video-

That Honky Tonk Highway -Video-


Bounce In My Steps -Video-

Drop The Rules -Video-

Nowhere With You -Video-

Out Of Words -Video-


Bringing It Back -Video neu-

Houdini -Tanzvideo neu-

One Two 3D -Video-


5 Leaf Clover -Video-

Another Breath -Video-

Around The Fire -Video- geänderte Beschreibung

Crazy Out There....-Video-

Glass Of Wine -Video-

So Go On -Video-

There's A Tear In My Beer -Video-


November 2023


Cold Cold Beer -Video-

Honky Tonk Slap -Video-

Houdini -Video-


The Jester & The Joker -Video-

Un Poquito -Video-


Feeling Famous -Video-

Last Call -Video-

Mi Carino -Video-


Shake It, Shake It -Video-


Men On A Mission  -Video-

Yo Quiero Bailar (I Want to Dance) -Video-


She Left Without Him -Video-

Is It Love -Video-


Silverado (O'Reilly) -Video neu-

The List -Tanzvideo neu-

Wait A Minute Mr Postman -Video-


Ain't Gone Yet -Video-

Keep Two Steppin -Video-

Last Time -Video-


3 Kings -Video-

Between You And Me -Video-

Silverado (O'Reilly) -Video-


Second-hand Emotion -Video-


Our Own Party -Video-

Reckless Abandon -Video-

The Tree -Video neu-


All I Need Is You -Video-

Cri Cri -Video-

The List -Video-

Unhealthy -Video-


Oktober 2023


Constance Dance -Video-


Call It Country -Video-

Hear My Song Rumba -Video-

Redneck Woman (Lee) -Video-

So Much For Pretending -Video-


Dreaming (Gallagher) -Video-

Party Tonight -Video-


Around The Fire -Video-

Down In Mexico (Elliott) -Video-

Magical Feelings -Video-


Chicag-Uh-Oh -Video-

No Can Do (McEnaney) -Video-


Back To Tulsa -Video-

My Teacher (aka I Love My Teacher) -Video-

The Tree -Video-

Two Arms To Hold You -Video-


2 Hearts On A Highway -Video neu-
(Geänderte Beschreibung)

Joybird -Video-

The Way I Love You -Video-


At Your Worst -Video-

Cuss & Fuss -Video-


21 Forever -neues Video-

BBB (Beer, Baby, Banjo) -Video-


Gave Me A Girl -Video-


Keepin' It Country -Video-

Love Works -Video-

Miss Me Don't -Video-


Highways (And Broken Hearts) -Video-

Ride High In The Saddle -Video-

Waterloo Remix -Video-

Wild Horses -Video-


21 Forever -Video-


Ready Or Not (Glass) -Video-


Goes Good (Good With Me) -Video-

Never Can Say Goodbye 2023 -Video-

Piece Of My Heart EZ -Video-

To Know Me -Video-

Useless Exuses -Video-


Stand By Me (Verdonk, ua) -Video-


Honky Tonk Minute -Video-

Marakaibo -Video-

Oh My Johnny -Video-


No Can Do (McEnaney)-Video-

The Snake 2.0 -Video-

Tofino -Video-


2 Hearts On A Highway -Video-

Bye Bye Summer -Video-

Cowboy Don't (Verdonk, ua.) -Video-

Good With Me -Video-


September 2023


Let Your Boys Be Country -Video-


A Tribute To Dwight -Video-

I Can Feel It -Video-


Good Times Don't -Video-

I Got A Problem -Video-

Work Boots -Video-


After The Fire Is Gone -Video-

Make Some New Love -Video-

Six Days -Video-


Master Of Tides -Video-

Right Side Of The Bed -Video-

Say Hello (O'Shea) -Video-

Self-Love -Video-


In Walked You -Video-

Spirits & Demons -Video-


Cowboy Don't -Video-

We Ride -Video-


Slide A 1/4 -Video-


Black Caviar -Video-

Fire On Desire -Video-


AC's ABBA Remix -Video-

Easy Rock -Video-


Mr. Funky -Video-

To Be Blunt -Video-


Pony Time -Video-


Forever In My Arms -Video-

Lockstep -Video-


Don't Think Twice (Furnell)-Video-

Just Come Over -Video-


Memory Lane -Video-


Every Road -Video-

Places To Run -Video-

Without The Memories -Video-


August 2023


Have It All -Video-

Raisin' Me A Country Girl -Video-

Svalutation -Video-


Brother Louie 2023 -Video-

Lil Boo Thang -Video-

Steamboat Queen -Video-

Till Tomorrow -Video-


AA -Video-

Whiskey Soda -Video-


Love Love - Video-

The Ghost Of Culloden -Video-

Whiskey Colored Eyes -Video-


Barbie Dreams -Video-

Find The Beat -Video-

Funky Shuffle -Video-

I Mean Business -Video-

Soar -Video-

You Have Been There -Video-


Favourite Kinda High -Video-

Jimmy Copacabana -Video-

Read My Mind (Furnell, ua)-Video-

Slow Low -Video-

Waiting On You -Video-


A Shot Of Jose Cuervo -Video-

Baby Don't Hurt Me -Video-

Dippin & Slidin -Video-

Thunder In My Heart -Video-

Wild World -Video-


Bad Angel -Video-

Lights On The Hill (Wambli, ua) -Video-

One Two Step Away -Video-

So Unhealthy -Video-


Crowded Mind -Video-

Dumb Luck -Video-

My Broken Heart -Video-

Telling On My Heart -Video-


Juli 2023


Dust To Dust -Video-


Long Way Home -Video-

Outta My Mind (Fowler, ua) -Video-


2B3 -Video-


Face The Music -Video-

Favourite Kinda High -Video-

My Heart's Been Broke -Video-


Juni 2023


Ghosted -Video-

You Go Your Way (The Highlander) -Video-


Good Stuff -Video-

Leave Each Other Alone -Video-


Love Love (Blevins, ua)-Video-

Work The World -Video-


The Last Hurrah -Video-


FestiNight -Video-

Hitch A Ride -Video-

Light It Up -Video-

Time After Time (Stumpf)-Video-


Little Heartbreak -Video-

So Much Love -Video-


Es Ist Wahr -Video-

You're My Home -Video-


We're Still Young -Video-


Drive You Out Of My Mind -Video-


Mai 2023


Rainy Day People -Video-

Waterfall -Video-


Cooter Huntin' -Video-

Echo -Video-

Jump The Wire-Video-

Kick It (Woelfie, Wambli) -Video-

Matoma Power -Video-

Sleep On My Side -Video-

The Way It Should Be -Video-

Toronto Right Now -Video-


Diamonds And Dancefloors -Video-

Faded Dreams -Video-


Always Will (Barton) -Video-

Everything I Love (Barton, ua) -Video-


Something's Gonna Kill Me -Video-

What's The Point -Video-


Neon Hearts -Video-

Ordinary World -Video-


Love Is So Sweet -Video-

Marry Me -Video-

Right Girl Wrong Time -Video-


By The Rivers (GLDF) -Video-


Samba And Sweep -Video-

We Never Knew Love -Video-


Sha La Long -Video-


Driving In My Car -Video-

I Need A Man (Grunder)-Video-


April 2023


The World Outside -Video-

Wreckage -Video-


To Get A Girl -Video-


Crispy Chicken -Video-

Elevated -Video-

My Heart's In Tennessee -Video-

Regrets (Gallagher) -Video-


If Anything -Video-

Note To Self -Video-

Stay Young -Video-

Strong Kinda Something -Video-


Good Rockin Daddy -Video-

I Wrote A Song -Video-

Midnight Moonshine -Video-

My Only Desire -Video-

Sexy Mona Lisa -Video-

Western Girl (Gallagher)-Video-


Cheap Shots -Video-

If You Believe -Video-

Twisted Mind -Video-


Jhoome (aka Swing) -Video-

Show Me -Video-


I Got Burned -Video-


Everything At Once -Video-

Tequila And Jesus -Video-


I Call It Love -Video-

Your Heart Or Mine -Video-


Hurts My Soul -Video-

Tucson Too Late -Video-


Flowers (Burgess) -Video-


Big Spender -Video-

Fancy Don't Let Me Down -Video-


The Drop -Video-

3 Tequila Floor -Video-


März 2023


Close To You (Dawson) -Video-

Those Were The Days (Barton) -Video-


Najo Eh -Video-


All I'm Missing -Video-

Eyes Closed -Video-


Here We Go Samba -Video-

This Is My Bar (Partner) -Video-


I'm Haunted -Video-

Someone You Loved -Video-


Country Nights -Video-

Hippy Dippy Mambo (aka Hip Swinging Blues) -Video-

Match Made In Heaven -Video-


Frei Geboren -Video-

Come Back To Erin -Video-

Para Que No Me Olvides -Video-


Best Friends (Verhagen) -Video-

Drop The Beat (Fowler)-Video-

Lucky Megan -Video-


Ocean Pier -Video-


Day To Feel Alive -Video-

Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass -Video-

Never Drinking Again -Video-


Tahiti -Video-

Welcome To The Hotel California -Video-


A Rose And A Dove -Video-

Saturday Night Life -Video-


Walking Up Next To You -Video-


Crazy Grandma -Video-

Drinkaby -Video-

One Two Step Away (Partner) -Video-

Rosie Blues -Video-

Up The Creek (Fowler) -Video-

We Are The Restless -Video-


Move You -Video-

Whiskey On The Shelf -Video-


Februar 2023


Love Yourself -Video-


A Little Sun -Video-

Dark Temptation -Video-

Love Me (Lo) -Video-


Iowa Girl -Video-

Knees Are Trembling -Video-

New Friends -Video-

Road To Errogie -Video-

Six Years Come -Video-


Swore I Was Leaving -Video-


Tonight Is The Night -Video-


Made You Look -Video-


Blow Your Mind (Hunt) -Video-

Come My Way -Video-


Lucky King -Video-


Goin' -Video-

Half Of Me -Video-


Going Viral -Video-

L.A. International Airport -Video-


Devil In A Dress -Video-

Run With Me (Fitzgerald, Harris)-Video-


Dinkaby -Video-


Now I'm Dancing -Video-

Whole Lotta Little -Video-


Januar 2023


Crystal Cha -Video-


A Different Summer -Video-

Two By Two -Video-

Warm Welcome -Video-


Come Down There -Video-


Everyone Needs A Hero -Video-

Small Town Everytime -Video-


Everywhere You Go (Do This Life) -Video-

Short And Sweet -Video-

When You're Drunk -Video-


Base Over Apex -Video-

Sometimes Always Never -Video-


Lucky Lips (Lafferty) -Video-

Miss Carolina -Video-


When The Party's Over -Video-


Dezember 2022


Dancing In The Country -Video-

Long Haired Country Boy -Video-


How 2 Dance -Video-


Frisky -Video-


Bright Eyes -Video-


Be Mine (Hollnsteiner) -Video-

Don't Shade Your Shine -Video-

Hole In The Bottle (Hollnsteiner) -Video-

Outside Looking In -Video-

Sweet By And By -Video-

Women Like You -Video-

You Can Have Me -Video-


Never Gonna Not Dance -Video-


Always First -Video-

Ocean Of Heartache -Video-


Tipping Point -Video-

You Ain't Here To Kiss Me -Video-


Charlotte Avenue -Video-

Don't Look Down -Video-


All For You (Gallagher, O'Reilly) -Video-

Save It For A Sunny Day -Video-


Love Her Like That -Video-

Up And Try -Video-

When Will I Be Loved (O'Reilly) -Video-


November 2022


How Do I Say Goodbye -Video-

Lionheart (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

Party Of A Lifetime -Video-


Crummy Crazy Christmas -Video-

Get In Or Get Out -Video-

The Manger (X-Mas) -Video-


Country Roads (Orsatti) -Video-

Me All Over -Video-

Redneck Girl (Verhagen, ua) -Video-


Country Road Here Tonight -Video-


Jersey Giant -Video-

Rewind The Clock -Video-

Road To Abilene -Video-

Something To Someone -Video-


Same Song -Video-


2-Step Turn -Video-

A Swing To Quit -Video-

I Still Do -Video-

Little Burrito -Video

Pay Me My Money Down -Video-

The Morning After (Corbi) -Video-

The Morning After (Gallagher, O'Reilly) -Video-

The Sphinx -Video-

We Did -Video-


High Rollin' -Video-

Levitating -Video-

Somewhere In The Night -Video-


Oktober 2022


Boots Are Shaking -Video-

Hillbilly Disco -Video-

You're Drunk, Go Home -Video-


Heart Attack -Video-

Rub A Little Dirt On It -Video-

Stop & Stare -Video-


Wild Flower -Video-

Yesterday Is Gone -Video-


80's Rewind -Video-

Rather Crazy -Video-

Run Di Road -Video-

That Drink -Video-

Versions Of You -Video-


Heaven On Your Lips -Video-

One Drink In -Video-


1 2 SNAP -Video-

Heaven's Jukebox -Video-


Raise Some Hell (Civa) -Video-


Beyond Blue -Video-

Looks Good On Me -Video-

No Body -Video-

Together We Can -Video-


Hand Me Downs -Video-

If Not For You -Video-

Remix Of Love -Video-


Ctrl + Alt + Del -Video-

Junto A Mi (Stand By Me) -Video-


September 2022

Dance With Everybody -Video-

Nothin' Right -Video-

Rhythm & Rain -Video-

Walking Up Dreaming -Video-


Flaws -Video-

Little Dirt -Video-


Boogie With Your Baby -Video-

Dents On The Chevy -Video-

Heave Away (Fowler) -Video-

Wanna Be Your Everything -Video-


Diamondback -Video-

Party On The Corner -Video-

The Bad You Made -Video-


Eternal Flame -Video-

Take Me (Country) Dancing -Video-


Beer With My Friends -Video-

Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man -Video-


Another Heart -Video-

Crank Ya Country Up -Video-

Gone Crazy -Video-

Irish Boots -Video-

Love With No Meaning -Video-

Mama & Me -Video-

Million Dollar Baby (Winson)

Them Boots -Video-

Voodoo Magic Kiss -Video-


Red Carpet -Video-

Zanzare -Video-


Baker Street -Video-

Dancing Through The Rain AB -Video-

Settle The Score -Video-

Tequila Shots -Video-

When The Lights Go Out -Video-


Blue Night Cha -Video neu-

Over Now -Video-


August 2022


Boomerang (Johnson, ua) -Video-

Long Gone Daddy -Video-

The Blues (Greywolf, Wambli) -Video-


Supermodel -Video-

Tourist -Video-


Breaking Borders -Video-

Hold Me Closer -Video-


All Summer -Video-

Country Touch -Video-

Stuck In The Middle (Wetzel) -Video-


Broken Neon Hearts (Blankenship) -Video-

County Liar -Video-

Give Me Your Tempo -Video-

Just A Girl (Kinser, ua) -Video-

Natural 3 -Video-

Show Me The Rain -Video-


Not Just A Girl -Video-


Dwight's Above And Beyond -Video-


2 Stepping Away -Video-

Darts In The Dark -Video-

Eco Eco (Quando Quando) -Video-

Every Honkytonk Bar -Video-

Sooner Or Later (O'Reilly, Musk) -Video-


21 Reasons -Video-

About Damn Time -Video-

Bare My Soul -Video-

Boogie Train Diner -Video-

For The Love Of It -Video-

Remember This (Glover) -Video-


Toot Sweet -Video-


Juli 2022


Alan Jackson -Video-

Feel The Fire -Video-

Forever Together -Video-

Knock Off -Video-

Love Is A Cowboy -Video-

Sharks -Video-


Impossible Love -Video-

Kiss Me Goodbye -Video-

Latin Fire -Video-

Out In The Middle -Video-

You Can Have Him Jolene -Video-


Far From It (Barton, ua)-Video-

In My Drinks -Video-

That's How It Goes -Video-

That's When I Remember -Video-


Going Overdrive -Video-

Tick Tock, Tick Tock -Video-


Don't Fly Away -Video-

How I Got To Memphis -Video-

Let's Make Some Bubbles! -Video-

Oh My Cha -Video-

Westville Stomp -Video-


Enough -Video-

Polka Dot Bikini -Video-

Up In Space -Video-


Are You Sure -Video-

Mi Amor Reggaeton -Video-


Far From It -Video-

It's Up To You -Video-

Mr Lonely -Video-

Space Man -Video-

Storm And Stone -Video-


Juni 2022


Baby I Was Wrong -Video-

Cafe Del Rio -Video-

Hasta La Vista -Video-

Headphones (Johnson, Lee) -Video-

It's A Matter Of Time -Video-

Let Yesterday Be -Video-

Little Rock (Verdonk, Bailey) -Video-

Smoke Me -Video-


Dim The Lights (Glover, Ward) -Video-

Never Leave You Alone -Video-

Never Really Gone -Video-

The Carnival -Video-

The Trevellers -Video-

Whiskey & Wine -Video-


Dance All Over Me -Video-

Especially For You -Video-

Eye Of The Storm -Video-

Loud (Furnell, Godden) -Video-

Mi Jukebox -Video-

Nightfalls Baby -Video-

Perfect Attraction -Video-

The Beautiful, Spanish, La Guapa -Video-


Another One Bites The Dust -Video-

Hayya Hayya -Video-

Hearts Don't Rust -Video-


Baby I'll -Video-

Hold On (Whitehouse) -Video-

Lost In Your Serenade -Video-

Love Like That (Schneider, Barton) -Video-

Mi Amigo - Video-

Sabor -Video-

Swiss Lady -Video-

There Stands The Glass (The Highlander) -Video-

Tribal Town -Video-

When You Dance With Me -Video-

Words (Schneider, Barton) -Video-

Stomp Like This -Video neu-


All The Way Gone -Video-

Chop Chop -Video-

Flip It -Video-

Maybe You Could Sing It With Me -Video-

Playing Dump -Video-

Times Are Tough -Video-

Whiskey Whiskey -Video-

Wild Child -Video-


Dancing Beat -Video-

Gimme Gimme Gimme (3G)-Video-

Mighty Fine -Video-

Treasure (Wheatley) -Video-


Mai 2022


Almost Back In My Dancing Shoes -Video-

Bottom Of The Bottle -Video-

Cowboys Of The Caribbean -Video-

Could Be Your Last Night Lonely -Video-

Down Home (Vos, Verhagen) -Video-

Draggin' Your Boots -Video-

Steps In The Dark -Video-

Swingin' Praise -Video-

Them Cowgirls -Video-

Two Of A Kind (Barton) -Video-

Urban Nights -Video-


As We Waltzed Round The Room -Video-


Adios Cowboy -Video-

Dancing Through The Rain -Video-

Don't Shade Your Shine -Video-

So Walk With Me -Video-

Wind In My Sails -Video-


Insane Daughter -Video-

Make It -Video-

Soulmates -Video-


Cowgirl Tuff -Video-

Give It Up (Kinser, u.a.)-Video-

Hillbilly Dream -Video-

Stomp Like This -Video-

Work Harder -Video-


Arlesey Stomp -Video-

Cowboy Bounce -Video-

Heart Like Mine -Video-

Paycheck To Paycheck -Video-

Suave -Video-

Til The Neons Gone -Video-


Always Humble -Video-


Crazy What Love Can Do -Video-

Cut Me Loose -Video-

Goin' Goin' Gone -Video-

Green Green Grass (Winson)

Portland Cha -Video-

Red Light (Funke) -Video-

You Can Rest -Video-


April 2022


Boogie Mood -Video-

Desperately In Love -Video-

Everything But You -Video-

Matandome Suavemente -Video-

Midnight And Missin' You -Video-

Through Your Eyes -Video-


Something Smile -Video-

Symphony -Video-

Things You Can't Live Without -Video-


Changed Everything -Video-

Crazy Romance -Video-

Stilettos -Video-

Texas Echo (Fowler)-Video-

Together Again (Stott, ua)-Video-

Try Losing One -Video-


Ain't It Crazy -Video-

Don't Break The <3 -Videio-

Handshake -Video-

Just Like 76 -Video-

Turn My Way -Video-


Peter Pan (Sinyard) -Video-


Alive Again -Video-

Chicago Dance -Video-

Give Me The Reason -Video-

I See Stars (Gallagher) -Video-

Light Me Up -Video-


Elizabeth -Video-

Everybody's Talking -Video-

Flirtin' -Video-

Hot Love (Lockton, ua) -Video-

No Workin' -Video-

We're Good To Go -Video-

You Don't Have To -Video-


Dauzn (aka Funky Town) -Video-

Poco Loco -Video-

To Hell & Back -Video-


Crazy In Line (Glover, u.a.) -Video-

Heartache Medication Svensson) -Video-

Irish Country Girl -Video-

Us Someday -Video-


März 2022


I Swear, I Swear -Video-

Love Fool -Video-


Betty Davis Eyes -Video-

Diggity Swinging -Video-

Fingers Crossed -Video-

How About That -Video-

Invisible Heart -Video-

Sing Me A Lullaby -Video-


100 Years -Video-

Caribbean Plans -Video-

Do The Jukebox -Video-

Girl Of My Dreams -Video-

Looking For You -Video-

Party Gras -Video-


Americano (Weisburd) -Video-

Big On The Little Things -Video-

Hearts Collide -Video-


A Little Night Club (For Peace) -Video-

Dance You Home -Video-

Not There Yet -Video-

Traveling Without Cigarettes -Video-


Brave (Elliott, Foong) -Video-

I Want Love (Elliott, ua) -Video-


Back To The Moon -Video-

Break Up In A Bar -Video-

I See Stars -Video-

Sweet Ireland -Video-

Throwback Song -Video-


Brokenhearted (Albro) -Video-

Keys To The Country -Video-

Strange (D & S Line) -Video-


And Most People -Video-

Chasing Shots -Video-

Most People -Video-

Thinking Whiskey -Video-

Waiting On Your Love -Video-

Zig Zag (Blevins, Whitehouse) -Video-


Get Up & Smile -Video-

Love Grows -Video-

Tonight We Dance (Barton) -Video-

Homecoming Queen -Video neu-

Reunited -Video neu-


Big Dreams & Faded Jeans AB -Video-

Pardon My French -Video-

The Shamrock Step -Video-

You Didn't -Video-


Last Night Lonely -Video-


15 Years -Video-

Don't Rush -Video-

Running Blind -Video-


Februar 2022


Reunited -Video-


Brave (Fitzgerald, Harris) -Video-

Little Green Bag -Video-

To Us It Did -Video-


Forbidden Waltz -Video-

Homecoming Queen -Video-

Old Soldiers Die Hard -Video-

She's A Fire -Video-

Smooth Talkin' -Video-

Shot Full Of Love -Video-

Sono Timida -Video-

Sweet Release -Video-


Blinded By Beauty -Video-

House On Fire -Video-

Melody -Video-

Texas To Tennessee -Video-


Happiness Is Guaranteed -Video-

Livin' It Up -Video-

Party Mode -Video-

Stagger Lee (O'Hara) -Video-

Two To Tango -Video-


I Found Joy -Video-

Muscle -Video-

My Happy Place -Video-

New Dawn -Video-


If I Was A Cowboy -Video-

I'm On My Way (Gallagher) -Video-

Love You Forever (Lafferty) -Video-


Couldn't Hurt -Video-

I Got No Regrets -Video-

Kitchen Dance Floor -Video-


A Little Swing -Video-

The Angels Came Down -Video-


Broken Neon Hearts -Video-

Greener Grass -Video-

Love Is A Fire -Video-

Neon Blue -Video-


Glowing Review -Video-


Dancing In The Kitchen -Video-

Might As Well -Video-


Hear My Voice -Video-


Don't You Hold Me Down -Video-

I Choose Dolly -Video-

In The Dark 2022 -Video-

LDFunk -Video-


Doin' This -Video-

Dopamine -Video-


Dear Rodeo -Video-

My Heart Is Yours -Video-

Walker -Video-


Januar 2022


Crimson -Video-

Infinite Compassion -Video-

She Don't Know -Video-


Blurry Eyes -Video-

Heartbreak Song -Video-

Pickup -Video-


Goodbye Town -Video-

If Not Now -Video-


1 + 1 -Video-


In Heaven -Video-

Gives Me Shivers -Video-


Looking At Me -Video-

Water Color -Video-


Rather Be Lonesome -Video-

Snowflakes -Video-


Fallen Wings -Video-


Buy Dirt -Video-

Halfway Romance -Video neu-

My Somebody -Video-

Not In Love With You -Video-

Wannabe My Lover -Video-


Danger Twins -Video-

Jacket On -Video-

Known For Loving You -Video-

Waltz To The Moon -Video-


Dancing Cowboy Hats -Video-


Other Side Of The Hill -Video-

Our Motto -Video-

'Til You Can't -Video-


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TOP Twenty / Hundred UK

(Platz am 13.07.2024

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01 (02) In Walked You (Gallagher)-Video-

02 (01) I Showed You The Door -Video-

03 (04) 3 Tequila Floor -Video-

04 (03) Telling On My Heart -Video-

05 (06) Love Somebody (Gallagher) -Video-

06 (10) Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass -Video-

07 (09) To Know Me -Video-

07 (05) Straight Line -Video-

09 (08) 'Til You Can't -Video-

09 (07) If You Believe -Video-

11 (11) Return To Love -Video-

12 (16) Without The Memories -Video-

13 (15) Storm And Stone -Video-

14 (17) Little Heartbreak -Video-

15 (12) Breathe (Ward) -Video neu-

15 (13) Ghosted -Video-

15 (14) My Broken Heart  -Video-

18 (24) When You're Drunk -Video-

19 (21) Sin City Lights -Video-

19 (18) Bringing It Back -Video neu-


21 (19) Space In My Heart (Gallagher, ua) -Video-

22 (25) Useless Exuses -Video-

23 (27) Wreckage -Video-

23 (33) Missing (Barton) -Video-

25 (20) My Five Boys -Video-

26 (40) Always Will (Barton) -Video-

27 (22) Marakaibo -Video-

28 (43) Mona Lisa (Metelnick) -Video-

28 (38) All Week Waltz -Video-

30 (40) Don't Look Down -Video-

30 (31)) Give Me Your Tempoo -Video-

30 (33) Memory Lane (Cooper, ua) -Video-

33 (28) Around The Fire -Video-

34 (38) This Ain't Texas -Video-

35 (22) The Card You Gamble  -Video-

36 (32) Glass Of Wine  -Video-

36 (35) Devil In A Dress -Video-

36 (46) Vibe Check -Video-

36 (26) 21 Forever -Video-

40 (48) Still Make Cheyenne  -Video-

40 (28) Never Drinking Again -Vdeo-

42 (54) The Thing About Things -Video-

43 (42) Fixing Me -Video-

44 (45) Portland Dance Floor -Video-

45 (50) Jersey Giant -Video-

46 (36) Mercy (Gallagher)-Video-

47 (47) Dim The Lights (Glover, Ward) -Video- 

48 (50) Holding On To -Video-

48 (57) Work The World -Video-

50 (36) Homecoming -Video-

51 (64) I'm On Fire (Mabbs, ua) -Video-

51 (30) Men On A Mission -Video-

53 (57) Un Poquito -Video-

53 (50) Eyes Like Diamonds -Video-

55 (65) Spirits & Demons -Video-

55 (48) Versions Of You -Video-

57 (56) Do It With Passion -Video-

57 (43) Faithful Soul -Video-

59 (61) Hold Me Now (Dahlgren, ua) -Video-

60 wieder da My Heart Knows -Video-

60 (75) Wannabe A Mona Lisa -Video- 

60 (70) Heaven's Jukebox -Video-

63 (54) Wintergreen -Video-

63 (57) Lucky Lips (Lafferty) -Video-

65 (82) Til The Neons Gone -Video-

65 (79) One On One -Video-

65 (61) Raised Like That -Video-

65 (74 wieder da) Standing Next To You -Video-

65 (65) Champagne Promise -Video-

70 neu Full Throttle (Winson, ua) -Video-

71 (50) Magic Nights -Video-

71 (57) Pot of Gold -Video-

71 (89) Islander Girl -Video-

71 (86 wieder da) Up And Try -Video-

75 (68) Everyone Needs A Hero -Video-

75 (82) Gives Me Shivers -Video-

75 (68) Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

78 (79) A Bar Song -Video-

78 (71) Stand By Me (Verdonk, ua) -Video-

78 (65) The Jester & The Joker  -Video-

78 (79) Lay Low (Bailey) -Video-

82 (71) Train Wreck (Poulsen) -Video-

82 (75) Drop It Down -Video-

84 neu One More Fight 2024 -Video-

84 (100 neu) Broken Soul -Video-

84 (75) Another One Bites The Dust -Video-

84 (82) Come Dance With Me

84 neu Southern Gospel -Video-

89 (92) Never Gonna Not Dance -Video-

89 (98 wieder da) My Somebody -Video-

89 (86) Amame -Video-

92 (92) I Close My Eyes  -Video-

92 (95) The Sphinx -Video-

92 wieder da Cross My Heart (Winson) -Video-

92 (71) Bad Habits -Video-

96 (82) Bittersweet Memory -Video-

96 wieder da No Angels (Mabbs, ua) -Video-

96 (100 wieder da) It's Up To You -Video-

96 (100 wieder da) Last Time -Video-

96 (86) Blue Night Cha -Video neu-

96 (95 wieder da) Little Red Book (Musk) -Video-
















































?? (61) Mama & Me -Video-

?? (63) Best Friends (Metelnick) -Video-

?? (67) Hold 'Em -Video-

?? (75) Cold Heart -Video-

?? (80) Liar (Furnell, ua) -Video-

?? (86) Going All The Way -Video-

?? (86) A Girl On The Coast -Video-

?? (86) Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video- 

?? (87) Last Confession -Video-

?? (87) Don't Think Twice (Furnell) -Video-

?? (88) Islands In The Stream 1 -Video-

?? (88) I've Seen It All -Video-

?? (88) Cyber Drop (WDM 21) -Video-

??(88) Let It Swing (Barnfield) -Video-

?? (89) Somebody Like You (Birchall) -Video-

?? (89 neu) The Last Shanty -Video-

?? (90) Would Have Loved Her (Bailey) -Video-

?? (90) Who I Love -Video-

?? (90) Until The Dawn -Video-

?? (91) Take My Love -Video-

?? (91) Get In Or Get Out  -Video-

?? (91) Smoke Me -Video-

?? (91) Amame -Video-

?? (92) Respect (Furnell, ua) -Video-

?? (92) Vanotek Cha -Video-

?? (92) Just A Memory -Video-

?? (94) Waterfall -Video-

?? (94 wieder da) Gypsy Queen -Video-

?? (94) Johnnie Walker Blues -Video-

?? (94) Hurts My Soul -Video-

?? (95) Memory Lane (Winson) -Video-

?? (95 neu) Can't Stop The Music -Video-

?? (95) Get Moving (Richard, ua) -Video-

?? (95) Thick As Thieves -Video-

?? (95) Wow Tokyo -Video-

?? (96 wieder da) Miss Congeniality -Video-??

?? (96) Country Nights -Video-

?? (96) How You Leave A Man -Video-

?? (96) The Joker And The Queen -Video-

?? (96) Some Kind Of Wonderful (O'Reilly) -Video-

?? (96 wieder da) Break Into My Heart -Video-

?? (96 wieder da) Heavenly Cha -Video-

?? (96) The Vibe -Video-

?? (97 wieder da) Drinkaby -Video-

?? (97) Our Own Party -Video-

?? (97 wieder da) Codigo (Stott) -Video-

?? (98) Tippin' It Up -Video-

?? (98 wieder da) The Last Hurrah -Video-

?? (98) Dippin & Slidin -Video-

?? (99 wieder da) Silverado (O'Reilly) -Video-

?? (99) Lose Control (Mather) -Video-

?? (100 wieder da) Dark Side Of The Moon -Video-

?? (100) 5 Leaf Clover -Video-

?? (100 neu) By The Rivers (GLDF) -Video-

?? (100 wieder da) Show Me -Video-

?? (100) Crowded Mind -Video-

?? (100 wieder da) Cyber Drop (WDM 21) -Video-

?? (100 wieder da) Mamma Mia! Why Me (Hamilton) -Video-

?? (100) We're Good To Go -Video-

?? (100) Green Green Grass (Winson) -Video-