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September 2019

August 2019

Juli 2019


I Just Want To Love You -Video-

Old Friends In America -Video-


Back Where I Belong -Video-

Day Of The Dead -Video-


I Close My Eyes -Video neu-

Look What God Gave Her EZ -Video-

One In A Row (Dawson) -Video-

The Bull (Barton u.a.) -Video-


God Thing -Video-

In The Movies -Video-

Saluti -Video-


A Little Danger -Video-

Forever Young (Hoeben u.a.) -Video-

Hurts So Good (Flowers) -Video-

Roll That Barrel Out -Video-

Simply Love You -Video-


Trust In You -Video-

You Get Me High -Video-


All I Need To Know -Video-


Broken Heart (Urgert, Tiggelen) -Video-

One In A Row (Dawson) -Video-

Shut Up About Politics -Video-


Compass Rose -Video-

Domenica (Schalk) -Video-

Never Comeback -Video-

One Big Country Song -Video-


Come A Little Bit Closer -Video-

Way Too Soon -Video-

Algo Llamado Amor -Video-

Something That You Want -Video-

Ups And Downs (Bass) -Video-

Whiskey For My Nerves -Video-


Attack -Video-

Senorita La-La-La -Video-


Down To The Honkytonk (Morel) -Video-

Old Love -Video-


Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

Good At Tonight -Video-

Stuck On Me+You -Video-

Summer Jam 2019

Wedding Bell Blues -Video-

Worn Out Heart -Video-


Juni 2019


Waitin' On 5 -Video-


Back To The Start (Opitz)


Rock It (Wetzel) -Video-


A Little Bit Country (Wheatley) -Video-

Buy My Own Drinks (Wilson) -Video-

Halfway There Cha -Video-

Perfect Vacation -Video-

Te Vas -Video-


Remember You Young -Video-


Big Azz Pile Of Dimes -Video-

Hands Talk Tonight EZ -Video-

Hotter Than Hot (Robinson) -Video-

It's California Country -Video-

Little Help -Video-

May 1st -Video-

Millionaire's Dream -Video-

Rainy Night In Georgia -Video-

Ship And Bottle -Video-


All Out Of Beer -Video-

Country Mile-Video-

Cowboy Life -Video-

Don't Give Up On Me -Video-

Get Wild -Video-

Hotel Key (Kampschroeder) -Video-

I Sneeze Whiskey -Video-

Shot Of Tequila -Video-

Take Me Home (Kampschroeder) -Video-

Tennessee Whiskey -Video-

The One I Want -Video-

Very Simply Rum Bee -Video-

Walk Of Life (Kampschroeder) -Video-


Boys (Blevins, Warren) -Video-

Dance On My Island -Video-

Drive Me Truck -Video-

It's Okay To Be Different -Video-

La Libertad -Video-

Salsa Perdon -Video-

Saturday Night (Soerensen) -Video-

Selfish (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

Swing All Night -Video-

Water On The Flames -Video-

What Makes You Country (Kaeswurm) -Video-


Mai 2019


Burn Me Down (Castagnoli) -Video-

Here Today -Video-


Little -Video-

One Goodbye -Video-


All My Roads -Video-

All That -Video-

What Lonely Looks Like -Video-


Blue Jay -Video-

High Class White Trash -Video-

Legend -Video-

My Country Soul -Video-

Too Country For You -Video-


Arline's Party -Video-

Undercover (Hill) -Video-


Backroad Nation (That's Us) -Video-

Lucky Stars -Video-


Beer Can't Fix -Video-

Dark Side -Video-

Hot Springs -Video-

I Think I Found Love -Video-

In Love Again -Video-

L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You) -Video-

Milestone -Video-

The Madness -Video-

What If I Never Get Over You -Video-


Story Of Love -Video-


Everything Changes -Video-

Just Look What God Gave Her -Video-


Baby (I Love You) -Video-

Crystal Blue (Fowler) -Video-

Don't Forget (Bresciani) -Video-

Loud -Video-

Mad Crazy Love -Video-

Novacaine Kiss -Video-

These Old Boots -Video-


Changed Back -Video-

Disguising -Video-

Ladies In The 90s (Barton) -Video-

Something You Love -Video-


Gods Country -Video-

Uptown Girl (Larson) -Video-


A Little Midland -Video-

AB Night Shift -Video-

Beautiful Memory -Video-

Country Music Made Me Do It -Video-

Dirt To Dust -Video-

Everybody's Gonna Dance -Video-

Get Down Tonight -Video-

If I Can't Have You -Video-

Make A Little Magic -Video-

Out Of Nowhere Girl -Video-

Will You Miss Me -Video-

With The Boys -Video-


Before I Go -Video-

Don't Worry Baby (Smith) -Video-

Mom (Kuif) -Video-

Pony Express -Video-

Somebody's Angel -Video-

Spanish Eyes (Peeters) -Video-

Strawberry Wine Waltz -Video-

That's Why I Love You Soul -Video-

Walking On The Water (Rodgers) -Video-

You Can Say That Again -Video-


Absolutely (Poulsen) -Video-

Bedroom Cha -Video-

By The River -Video-

My Miracle -Video-

Raised On Country (Lachance, u.a.) -Video-

Second Time Around (Jennings) -Video-

Silver Wings (Talbot) -Video-

Sweet As Honey -Video-


April 2019


Everybody Wanna -Video-

Everything I Have -Video-

Making Guacamole -Video-

She's Walking Away (Christian) -Video-

Thank God For You -Video-


A Wild Desire -Video-

Almost Always (Over You) -Video-

Be Your Baby Tonight -Video-

Can We Pretend -Video-

Dolly -Video-

Drinkin' Bone -Video-

For Your Sixteen -Video-

High Five (La) -Video-

How Does It Sound -Video-

Keep Dancing -Video-

Never Growing Up -Video-

Ocean -Video-

One Magic Moment -Video-

One Of These Nights -Video-

Red Haired Mary -Video-

The Little Farmer -Video-

The Way She Looks -Video-

Underrated -Video-

Welcome To The Show -Video-


Almost Saturday Night (Kinser, u.a.) -Video-

Deep Blue Eyes -Video-

Dirt Road - Video-

Get Ready (Ray) -Video-

Hands In The Air -Video-

Hillbilly Boogie -Video-

Hypnotized Cha -Video-

I'm Gonna Love You Tonight -Video-

It's You & I -Video-

Lonely Blues -Video-

Lovin' California -Video-

Smoke In Her Eyes -Video-

Take It From Me (Dube) -Video-

Yeah, Give Me The Beat Boys -Video-

You Better Thing -Video-


Madison Olds -Video neu-

Shania Twain -Video neu-


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall -Video-

Simply Return To Sender -Video-

Simply Stay In My Dreams -Video-


Dare To Dance -Video-

Lost Vegas -Video-

Mr. Lonely AB -Video-

Pullmann City Blues -Video-

The Farmer -Video-


Memphis Grace -Video-

Miss Congeniality -Video-


Gone West -Video-

I've Been Good -Video-

Kansas City -Video-

Looking For A Girl (Tate) -Video-

Simply The Best (Glover, u.a.) -Video-

Sixteen Candles -Video-

Softer Than A Whisper -Video-

The Wanderer (Prats) -Video-

Twilight Time -Video-


American Made -Video-

He Ain't Gonna -Video-

Last Day (Luciano) -Video-

Lydia's Lollipop -Video-

This Is God's Country -Video-


I Love You No Matter What -Video-

I Wonder Why -Video-

Simply Veiling Our Tears -Video-

The Rain & Me -Video-

To Love Somebody (Schmidt) -Video-

Wanna Get On -Video-

Your Love Is The Drug -Video-


Everybody Cha Cha (Bos, u.a.) -Video-

Forgive (Sell) -Video-

Lonely Blues -Video-


Dig Deep -Video-

Habibi -Video-

Sunset By The Lake -Video-

Superman Batman -Video-


Drunk Enough -Video-

Home To You (Bass) -Video-

Little Blonde Haired Girl -Video-

Pardon Me (Canonne) -Video-

She Ain't Me -Video-


Knockin' Boots (Davenport) -Video-

Loving You (Soerensen) -Video-

My Love Goes On -neues Tanzvideo-


Bye Bye Baby (Faulds) -Video-

Just Take Me Away -Video-

Off The Beaten Track -Video-

2 Wonder (Partner) -Video-


All You Want Is Me -Video-

Big Mouth -Video-

He Won't Ever Be Gone -Video-

He'll Never Let Go -Video-

Knockin Boots -Video-

Stranger To Myself -Video-

Three Wooden Crosses (Grimshaw) -Video-

One Like Mine (Partner) -Video-


A Girl Like You (aka 2 On A Roll)
-Partner / Tanzvideo neu-

Drinking With Dolly For 2 -Partner / Tanzvideo neu-


California (Whittaker, Vane) -Video-

Jukebox Charlie (Aka. Hello Joe) -Video-

One Kiss For The Road -Video-

Sixties Dance Medley -Video-


März 2019


Betty Bump (aka Borderline Betty) -Video-

Making Me High -Video-

Shaky -Video-

Tear Me Apart -Video-

Through The Night -Video-


Engine Light -Video-

Everybody Wanna Be Us -Video-

Here Comes The Weekend -Video-

Honky Tonk Time Machine -Video-

Into Nightfall -Video-

Kissing At The Lights -Video-

Lost Without Cha -Video-

Love's Fool -Video-

On The Line (Gene) -Video-

Powerslave -Video-

Your Man (Hung) -Video-


Easy Twist -Video-

Mockingbird (Torrella) -Video-

What A Feeling AB -Video-

What A Feeling (Kaeswurm) -Video-


My Love Goes On -Video-

A Girl Like You (aka 2 On A Roll) -Partner / Video-

Drinking With Dolly For 2 -Partner / Video-


Claire -Video-

Dream Lover (Prats) -Video-

Hayley Jo -Video-

Kiss Me Already -Video-

Sugar Baby Love (Jammart) -Video-

Western Girl (Prats)-Video-


Honky Tonk Mood (Myers) -Video-

I Guess -Video-

Miss Kiss Bang -Video)

Yes M'am, No M'am -Video-


AB Straight To Hell -Video-

Be Bop EZ -Video-


Fantastic Voyage -Video-

Fast As You (Gronow) -Video-

Little Garden Party -Video-

Low Key Cha -Video-


A Little Loyalty -Video-

Country Bump -Video-

Innocent Bystander -Video-

Sucker -Video-


Angel Outlaw -Video-

Poor Little Fool (Prats) -Video-


A Fool In Love  (Chamberlain) -Video-

Come Cryin' To Me -Video-

My Wild Irish Rose -Video-

Off Like A Rocket -Video-


A Cowboy Meets A Dancer -Video-

Educated Man -Video-

I Hope (Gallagher) -Video-

I'm On Fire (Snailham) -Video-

Rainbow Colors -Video-


A Lot To Learn -Video-

Blame It On The Whiskey -Video-

River Of Tears -Video-


Bring It (Craddock) -Video-

Come And Get Your Love (Sala, u.a.) -Video-

East Texas Pines -Video-

If I (Needed You) -Video-

Lights Down Low -Video-

Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

One Step At A Time (Callejo) -Video-

Safe Haven -Video-

Where Cowboys Are Kings -Video-

Keep It Simple (Gallagher) -Video neu-

Keep It Simple (Winson, Meesen) -Video neu-



Across The County Line -Video-

Mandame Flores -Video-

Remember These Words -Video-

Swimming In The Deep End -Video-

The Bull (Chabret) -Video-

The Jacket -Video-

Where Were You (Albro) -Video-


Heaven 45 -Video-

Hey DJ (Lefebour, Lamb) -Video-

Hurtin' Me Back -Video-

I Believe In You -Video-

It Never Rains In California (Lane) -Video-

She Wears The Pants -Video-

Stay Home (Vinge) -Video-

Unforgettable Moment -Video-

Way Down South -Video

It's Over (aka Mexicoma) -Video- (Partner)


Love Someone (Hollnsteiner) -Video-

Low Key Low Key -Video-

Pain & Misery -Video-

Stardust Cha -Video-


8 Seconds -Video-

All That You Know -Video-

Baby, Why Don't We Just Dance -Video-

Honeysuckle (Bar Tos) -Video-

Never Too Old To Rock And Roll -Video-

Rumor Going 'Round -Video-

Runaway Train (Collins) -Video-

Strait To The Bar -Video-


16 -Video-

Angel & Corona -Video-

Baby Don't Let Me Go -Video-

Been Around The World -Video-

Double Dutch Bus (Daily) -Video-

EZ Sunny In Seattle -Video-

Ghost Of A Cowboy -Video-

Hold My Girl -Video-

I Am Giant -Video-

Lima (Video)

Look What God Gave Her -Video-

Out Of My Mind (Cairns) -Video-

Shining Bright -Video-

Sidewalk -Video-

The Newfie Stomp (Hitchen) -Video-

Your First Name (Christensen) -Video-


Back To Life (Stewart) -Video-

Bout' To Bring It Over -Video-

Dance Tonight (Lafferty) -Video-

Emerald Foxtrott -Video-

Heavenly Created -Video-

Less Is More -Video-

Lonely Drum EZ -Video-

Lonely Lovers -Video-

Love Is A Beautiful Dance -Video-

Monday Morning Merle (Ceshire) -Video-

My Little Throwback -Video-

What God Gave Her -Video-


4 O'Clock Waltz -Video-

Back To The Start -Video-

Dear Barry -Video-

I Need My Whiskey Glasses -Video-

You And Your High Horse -Video-


18 Ends -Video-

Abilene (Barton) -Video-

Candida -Video-

High Beam -Video-

Home To You -Video-

Jessie (McEnaney, Ward) -Video-

Mr. Sandman -Video-

Sway (Chen) -Video-


Along The Way -Video-

My Girl (Prats) -Video-

Shuffle In The Water -Video-

Tie One On -Video-

Venus -Video-

Workin' On The Night Shift -Video-


Februar 2019


All The Gold In California -Video-

Gentle Eyes -Video-

Gotta Pack -Video-

I'm Back On My Feet Again

It's Summer -Video-

Lynchburg Tennessee -Video-


I Think You're Beautiful -Video-

In Hell I'll Be In Good Company -Video-

Keep It Simple (Winson, Meesen) -Video neu-

Shine A Light -Video-

Wounded Heart -Video-

Small Town Summer -neues Tanzvideo-


I Am A Giant -Tanzvideo neu-

Keep It Simple (Gallagher) -Video neu-

Your Soldier -Video-


Brand New Man -Video-

Hey DJ (Schneider, Hoeben) -Video-

Rhinestone World -Video-

So Satisfield -Video-

Timbuktu -Video-


Afraid Of Losing You Again -Video-

Cha Cha Cola -Video-

Dark Cowboy -Video-

Girl Like You (Bishop) -Video-

Honky Tonk Mood -Video-

If I Could Change The World -Video-

Made Me Do It -Video-

Memories Are Made Of -Video-

Need To Breathe -Video-

Raised On Country (Carlson) -Video-

Shout It -Video-

The Last Thing On My Mind -Video-

What's Come Over You -Video-

Whiskey Does It -Video-

You & Me Together -Video-


A Little Kiss -Video-

Disappeared Stars -Video-

Tell Me Why (Simons) -Video-

The Dance We Share -Video-


Closer To You Baby -Video-

Country Boy (Stewart) -Video-

Everybody Knows A Stick -Video-

Everybody Luvs A Lover -Video-

Fishin' Around -Video-

Give It To Me (Hung) -Video-

Making Me Dance -Video-

Pretend (Bishop) -Video-

Sea Cruise (Chen) -Video-

Wanna Be Teachers Pet -Video-


Blue Cowboy -Video-

Honky Tonk Bar -Video-

Like We Never Had A Broken Heart -Video-

Lookin' At Me -Video-

Loyal To Me (Chabret) -Video-

Thought About You -Video-


A Pub Crawl -Video-

Don't Stop (Walters) -Video-

Happy Hour (Morrison) -Video-

Holiday Time -Video-

There Was A Girl -Video-

Wicked Wonderland (Talbot, u.a.) -Video-


Every Little Honky Tonk Bar -Video-

I Am A Giant -Video-

I Got That Kind Of Time -Video-

Moon River And Me -Video-

Under The Same Sun -Video-


Katie's Lullaby -Video-


I Hope You Understand -Video-

To Find Gold -Video-


Ashes To Ashes (Svensson) -Video-

Feeling Those Good Vibes -Video-

In Your Eyes (Rodgers) -Video-

To They Say -Video-


A Whiskey Glasses -Video-

Honky Tonky Mama Blues -Video-

Just Another Girl -Video-

Kissing On The Couch -Video-

Loyal To Me (Gallagher) -Video-

Off My Feet -Video-

Small Town Summer -Video-

When I'm Drunk -Video-


9 To 5 (Brandon) -Video-

Carnavalero -Video-

Cold Light Of Day -Video-

My Pink Bic Lighter -Video-

Queen Of The Trailer Park -Video-


A Little Bit Psycho (Schmitt) -Video-

Go With Me (Francis) -Video-

Hands Talk Tonight -Video-

Here You Come Again -Video-

Love Is Like The Rain -Video-

Overnight (Van Dongen) -Video-

Spanish Memories -Video-


Ala-Freakin-Bama (Bisher-Schuler) -Video-

All She Left Was Me -Video-

Candlelight (Myers) -Video-

Call Me Up -Video-

Farewell (Yusran) -Video-

In Love By Now (Probably) -Video-

Only Lonely (Bass) -Video-

Out Last Night (Lutz-Koppermann) -Video-

The Boys And Me -Video-

We Were Only Sixteen


Another Fool Like Me -Video-

Cradle Love -Video-

Kiss That Girl Goodbye (Barker) -Video-

My Angel And Me -Video-

Night Shift (Card) -Video-

T Me On -Video-

Walking On The Moon -Video-


After Midnight (Derr) -Video-

Baby Don't Go (Derr) -Video-

Everybody Dance And Sing -Video-

Get In Line (Neff) -Video-

Gin And Platonic -Video-

Headlights -Video-

I Was Born To Love You -Video-

I Was Raised On Country -Video-

Monday Morning Merle -Video-

Two Ships In The Night -Video-


Country Girl Magic -Video-

Havana, Ooh Na Na (Wolford) -Video-

Hillbilly Hook (Schützer) -Video-

Little Bitty Girl -Video-

Marching On -Video-

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Formosa) -Video-

One Love Song -Video-

Slow Dance In A Park -Video-


AB Stumblin' -Video-

California Cha (Snailham) -Video-

Do You Believe In Love -Video-

Rocky Top Stomp -Video-

Woman Of The World -Video-

You Are (Durand) -Video-

We'll Be Dancing -Dancevideo neu-

Just A Phase -Dancevideo 1 neu-


A Little Left Over -Video-

I Got To Change My Ways -Video-

On My Way (Gardiner) -Video-

Testing Your Faith -Video-


Do The Cha Cha (Molkner) -Video-

Having A Ball -Video-

Honky Tonk Heaven (MolknerFord) -Video-

Raised On Country -Video-

You Make Me Wanna Sway -Video-


It's In Your Eyes (Sheppard) -Video-

Marikita -Video-

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Schmitt) -Video-

Oh Lonesome Me -Video-


Ain't We -Video-

Goodbye Drunk -Video-

It's Easy -Video-

One That Got Away (Patterson) -Video-

Remind Me Duet -Video-

Revive Me -Video-


A Taste Of The Wind -Video-

By And By -Video-

Country In This Town -Video-

In Your Eyes (Brookfield) -Video-

Little Neon Church -Video-

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Chabret) -Video-

The King Of Kings -Video-

With You -Video-



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TOP Twenty / Fifty UK

(Platz am 13.07.2019)


01 (01) Codigo (Stott) -Video-

02 (03) I Close My Eyes -Video-

03 (02) Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

04 (04) Miss Congeniality -Video-

05 (07) Graffiti -Video-

06 (05) Rocket To The Sun -Video-

07 (06) Legend -Video-

08 (09) Get Wild -Video-

09 (09) Everything I Have -Video-

10 (08) Secret Samba -Video-

11 (11) My Angel And Me -Video-

12 (12) Love Is Loud -Video-

13 (13) Just A Phase -Video-

14 (15) Waves Of Love -Video-

15 (14) Whiskey Bridges -Video-

16 (17) Habibi -Video-

16 (17) Lonely Blues -Video-

18 (16) I Am Giant -Video-

19 (32) Keep It Simple (Gallagher) -Video-

20 (20) Celtic Duo -Video-


21 (23) Along The Way -Video-

22 neu Shot Of Tequila -Video-

23 neu Dance On My Island -Video-

23 (28) From A Distance -Video-

25 (19) I've Been Waiting For You -Video-

26 (45 wieder da) Get It Right (Glover) -Video-

27 (48)  The Long Way Home -Video-

28 (24 wieder da) Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video-

28 (24) Small Town Summer -Video-

30 (33) My Miracle -Video-

31 (20 neu) I Believe (Cooper, u.a.) -Video-

31 (24) Highway Honky Tonk -Video-

33 neu Remember You Young -Video-

34 (22) Hotshot (Harrold) -Video-

34 (37) Wedding Bell Blues -Video-

36 (34 wieder da) Missing (Barton) -Video-

37 (38) Blessed -Video-

38 (34) Young Again -Video-

39 (27) Young Blood (Metelnick, Biggs) -Video-

39 neu All I Need To Know -Video-

41 (47) Outside In -Video-

42 (48 wieder da) Mamma Mia! Why Me? -Video-

42 wieder da Who Needs Mexico (Bell) -Video-

44 wieder da Belongs To You -Video-

45 (45) Backroad Nation (That's Us) -Video-

45 neu Groovy Love -Video-

48 wieder da) Superheroes -Video-

49 (36) Mamma Maria -Video-

50 wieder da Left In The Dark -Video-






















?? (19) One Kiss For The Road -Video-

?? (22) People Are Good  -Video-

?? (27) 90's Country (Churm) -Video-

?? (28) Dear Friend -Video-

?? (30) Make It Sweet -Video-

?? (31) Hey Senorita AB -Video-

?? (38) I Got This Too -Video-

?? (39) Meet Me There -Video-

?? (40 wieder da) Thankyou (Cooper, Turner) -Video-

?? (41) If You Dare -Video-

?? (41 neu) Simply The Best (Glover, u.a.) -Video-

?? (41 neu) Ocean -Video-

?? (43) Nothing I Can Do About It Now -Video-

?? (45) Crimson Desire -Video-

?? (48) Triple Mix -Video-