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März 2020

Februar 2020

Januar 2020


Don't Hurt -Video-

Two Dozen Roses -Video-


Love Without End Amen (Loscher) -Video-

Sweet Memories (Krause-Schenck) -Video-


Am I Amarillo -Video-

Bold O'Donahue -Video-

Good Life -Video-

Hey (Guillet) -Video-

Let's Party (Step5678)

One Day (Fillion) -Video-

Wintergreen -Video-


Cooler Than Cool -Video-

Never Gonna Grow Up -Video-

Soak Up The Sun -Video-

Tears I Cried -Video-

Think About Love -Video-

This Barn -Video-


Endless -Video-


Jeans On (Billes) -Video-

The Man In Black -Video-


Evil Twin -Video-

Fool Around A Bit (AB) -Video-

For Robbie -Video-

Mariachi Desperado -Video-

Through The Juke Box -Video-


Oh It's You -Video-

One Big Country Song (Bourdages, Cormier) -Video-

No Woman No Cry -Video-

She's Not Ordinary -Video-


A Goodnight Kiss -Video-

Done (Manigas) -Video-

Midland Cha -Video-


Birds -Video-

Don't Touch -Video-

Holding Hands Together -Video-

Stomp Down -Video-


Dezember 2019


I'm Out Of Here -Video-


Carinito -Video-

The Dinky -Video-


A Little More You -Video-

A Woman's Touch -Video-

I Don't Wanna Be A One Man Band -Video-

My Bar -Video-

My Hallelujah Song -Video-

Wake Up In The Morning -Video-

Wish For The World -Video-


Beer Money -Video-

If You're Gonna Be Bad -Video-

Me And Bobby McGee -Video-


Let's Jolly! Mele Kalikimaka -Video-

That's Why We Drink -Video-


A Christmas Twist -Video-

Like We Were -Video-

Little Ole' Wine Drinker Me AB -Video-

Nothing But You (Baron) -Video-

Run Run Rudolph EZ -Video-


Double S (Schill, Fillion) -Video-

Gucci -Video-


Nobody Knows It's Elvis -Video-

Totally Smitten -Video-


I Got You (Gallagher) -Video-


Chartreuse Bull -Video-

When It's My Time -Video-


Dancing On The Moon -Video-

Lazy River (Malone) -Video-

She Gone (Tomasz & Angela) -Video-

Sweet Caroline (Bailey) -Video-

Total Recall -Video-

Touch Of Heaven -Video-

We Are Dynamite -Video-


Angel Workin' Overtime -Video-

If We Make It Through December -Video-

Loving Right -Video-

Peach Pie -Video-

Sweethearts By Saturday -Video-


November 2019


Can You Hear -Video-

Can't Let Go (Again) -Video-

Cheap Cologne (Soerensen) -Video-

Pen To Paper -Video-

Where You Think You're Goin' -Video-


Bathroom Floor -Video-

Country Girl With A Rock & Roll Heart -Video-

My Next Broken Heart (Fedi) -Video-

Part Friday, Part Sunday -Video-

Somewhere In Between -Video-


Box Of Visions -Video-

Brave Way -Video-

Lay Here With Me -Video-

Nowhere Tonight -Video-

She Gone (Billes) -Video-

This Is My Love Song -Video-

Turning Tables -Video-

What I'm Leaving For -Video-


Green Snakes -Video-

Love Ain't -Video-

Rose Colored Glasses -Video-


Darling, That's The Truth -Video-

Drinkin And Thinkin -Video-

I Just Can't Seem To Remember -Video-

My Pleasure -Video-

Silverado Cowboy -Video-


Asolu -Video-

Country Thunder -Video-

My Two Step Queen -Video-

Rearview Town -Video-


By The Numbers -Video-

Dance With Me & Smile -Video-

Getting Good -Video-

Hand In Hand -Video-

Here Comes Summer -Video-

Raining In My Heart -Video-

We Know Better Now -Video-


Barroom Buddies -Video-

In Other Words -Video-

Life's Been Good -neues Video-

So Nice To Meet Ya -Video-

We're So Back -Video-

Win Life -Video-


All I Want -Video-

Boheme Supreme -Video-

Feel The Same -Video-

Just Like You -Video-

Operator, Operator -Video-

Pocket Of Hearts -Video-

Sundown (Barton) -Video-


If I Never -Video-

Track Record -Video-


A Little More Time 4 Drinkin' -Video-

Crazy Old Horses My Home -Video-

Good Old Days EZ -Video-

Life's Been Good -Video-

Rockin' In God's Country -Video-


American Kids (Pelletier) -Video-

Pretty Little Charlotte -Video-


Knockin' Boots (Ries) -Video-


Find A Way (Kennedy) -Video-

My First Love (Unbekannt) -Video-


Bad Example -Video-

Houston (Kause-Schenck) -Video-

Mother Trucker -Video-

My Sweet Honey Bee -Video-

Setting Down -Video-

Toe To Toe -Video-


10.000 More -Video-

Call Them Names (Fillion, u.a.) -Video-

Gemini -Video-

Harveys Hustle -Video-

Run Wild Horses -Video-

Stack It Up -Video-


All Is Said And Done -Video-

Dirty Boots -Video-


Heaven Is A Honky Tonk -Video-

Loving You Loving Me -Video-


From Now On (Langagne, u.a.) -Video-

I Wanna Be Your Man -Video-

It's Late (Jefferys) -Video-

You Lied To Me (Mackay) -Video-


Oktober 2019


Loved By A Country Boy (Chalon) -Video-

Only Getting Started -Video-


I Hope You're Happy -Video-

You Gotta Work -Video-


Half Past Tipsy -Video-

Mummy Trans -Video neu-

Suitcase Bottle -Video-


Adalaida -Video-

Country Friends Cruise -Video-

Final Chance -Video-

Hawai On Me -Video-

Jive Time -Video-

La Dance La La La -Video-

Maybe Sometime -Video-

Naked In Spanish -Video-

Somebody's Gotta Be Country -Video-

Summer And Passion -Video-

The Road To Hell -Video-

Turnaround And Walk Back To Me -Video-

White Rose Cha Cha -Video-

Words (Villellas) -Video-


Better Days (Hojer) -Video-

Close Enough To Walk -Video-

Come On Time -Video-

Everyone Of Us -Video-

Get In We're Off -Video-

If Tears Could Talk -Video-

Love In The Fast Lane -Video-

Love's Gonna Live Here (Carlsson) -Video-

Midnight Hauler Jr. -Video-

Mummy Trans -Video neu-

Ocean's Deep -Video-

Texas Connection Too -Video-

These Boots (Chabret) -Video-

Twang (Hojer) -Video-

Up All Night (Beazley) -Video-

Wildflowers (Schneider) -Video-


Dancer's Dynamite -Video-

Hey Ho (Clap Clap Clap) -Video-

Missing (Malone) -Video-


Bluebird (Krause-Schenck) -Video-

Faithful Soul -Video-

Heart Body & Soul -Video-

Home Again -Video-

Hurt Me -Video-

Loved By A Country Boy -Video-

Memories Of Rosemarie -Video-

Too Many Girlfriend -Video-

You're Gonna To Miss Me -Video-


And You My Love -Video-

Apple Pie Moonshine -Video-

Dingo Shuffle -Video-

Hey Little Devil -Video-

High Heels On -Video-

Hope & Faith -Video-

I Swear -Video-

Jet Black Pontiac -Video-

PandA Cha -Video-

Soul Shake Baby -Video-

Spirit Of The High Country -Video-

Starlight Tonight -Video-

Strong Enough (Morrison) -Video-

You're So Beautiful To Me -Video-


Alcohol You Later -Video-

Dancing By Myself (Bowers, Bass) -Video-

Every Light -Video-

God Given -Video-

Into The Woods -Video-

Morning Sun (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

Romeo Tonight -Video-

That's What Honky Tonks Are For -Video-

The Big Scoop -Video-

Tonight Is Real -Video-

Touchy (Bass) -Video-

Up In The Air -Video-

Wasting Time (Nyholm) -Video-


Broken Wing (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

Drop Just A Little More -Video-

Fourteen Gears (Biggs, Metelnick) -Video-

Happy In Pictures -Video-

I Ain't Never -Video-

In The Woods -Video-

Me And The Boys In The Band -Video-

Me Without You (Wheatley) -Video-

Need This -Video

No One Needs To Know -Video-

Nothing To Hide -Video-

Sweet Tea (Dominguez) -Video-

The Rails -Video-


Another Ex In Mexico (Teather) -Video-

Even Through I'm Leaving -Video-

Love Without End -Video-

Love Without End, Amen -Video

My Girl (Stalder u.a.) -Video-

Old Time Fiddle -Video

Over The Heath -Video-

Sugarbird -Video

The Night Is Young "Die Nacht Ist Jung" -Video-


Akio Akio -Video-

Little Bit Of Nada -Video-

Make A Love Song -Video-

Midland Trucker -Video-

Wanna Know -Video-

What Ever Happened To Old Fashioned Love -Video-


September 2019


Cardiac Jive -Video-


'Cause That's Why -Video-

Country Squire (Duhaut, Richer) -Video-

Everybody (Scott) -Video-


Good Reasons -Video-

In Comes The Night (Vos) -Video-

Touch Of Mexico -Video-

Up Above My Head -Video-


Always Will -Video-

Country Squire -Video-

Drift Away (Bishop) -Video-

Fast Hearts & Slow Towns (Schmitt) -Video-

Heartbreak Radio -Video-

Love Generation (Bishop) -Video-

Rhythm Of My Heart (Bishop)

Sure Look Good In Neon -Video-

Trashy Women (Bishop) -Video-

Young Man's Town -Video-


And I Dance (Et Je Danse) -Video-


15 Anni -Video- 

Bad Fiddling -Video-

Big River -Video-

Cowboyz Party -Video-

14 Gears -Video-

24 Reasons -Video-

Floor It -Video-

May I Have This Dance -Video-

My Heart Is Gone -Video-

Raised On Biscuits -Video-


Didn't Know Me -Video-


Baby I'm Torn -Video-

Back In Fashion -Video-

Drink Cuss Fish -Video-

Fast Hearts & Slow Towns -Video-

Fourteen Gears -Video-

Radio Song -Video-

Violins Symphony -Video-

When You Smile -Video-


Don't Call Me Up (Easy) -Video-


Her Magic Touch -Video-

You Are (Ghinolfi) -Video-


Summertime Boys -Video-


Drinking Songs -Video-

It All Comes Out In The Wash -Video-

It's Only Human -Video-

Let's Get A Little Southbound -Video-

Made You Miss Me -Video-

Not Complicated -Video-

One Shot (Gardiner) -Video-

When Love Comes Around AB -Video-


A Darker Shade Of Red -Video-


A Woman's Love Is All -Video-

All My Life -Video-

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy -Video-

It Sure Is Monday EZ -Video-

My Beer Never Broke My Heart -Video-

Romeo....Come Dance With Me -Video-

Shake A Heartache -Video-

She's Mine (Tomasz, Angela) -Video-

Touching Me, Touching You -Video-


August 2019


Rolling With Love -Video-

Senorita (Churm) -Video-

The Koi Boys -Video-


Love Satisfaction -Video-

Santa Fe (Schermbeck) -Video-


Bored EZ -Video-

Castles -Video-

Fast Hearts And Slow Towns -Video-

Sweet America -Video-

We Look Happy In Pictures -Video-

You're Only Happy -Video-


Let Me Be There -Video-

Six Strings -Video-

Summer Fever (Jacobson) -Video-

Where The River Flowers -Video-


3 To Tango -Video-

I Love You Period -Video-

Outskirts -Video-

Running In The Rain -Video-

Shanty -Video-


Like A Queen - Like A King -Video-

Some Things You Just Don't Forget -Video-


Attitude Cocktail -Video-

Cheatin' Songs -Video-

High Tech Redneck -Video-

I Don't Wanna Dance -Video-

Little Cabin Home On The Hill -Video-

Stand By My Woman -Video-

Tumbleweed (Smith) -Video-

West Coast Kids -Video-


My Mary -Video-


Dance Monkey -Video-

Watcha Reckon -Video-


Half A Shot Of Tequila -Video-

Pass Me A Beer -Video-


Restoring Faith -Video-

Tequila Little Time -Video-

You Are Still The One


Not During Drinkin' Hours! -Video-

That Thing You Do -Video-


3 Songs To You -Video-

Let Your Dark Horse Run -Video-


Let'em Loose -Video-

Somebody's Mama By Now -Video-

Soul Shake -Video-

Star On The Water -Video-

Willpower -Video-


Abby's Heartbreak -Video-

B.B.C. - Big Ben Country -Video-

Love Is Standing Right In Front Of You -Video-

Man On The Road -Video-


I Can Sleep When I'm Dead -Video-

Times Change -Video-

Traveling Man -Video-


Half A Dance -Video-

Hick Chick -Video-

Ice Cold -Video-

Engine, Engine #9 -Video-

I'm Getting Over You -Video-


Beer Barrel Polka -Video-

Born To Lose -Video-

Country In This Town (Jacobson) -Video-

Country Soul (Kuif)-Video-

For These Times -Video-

Halfway (Hughes) -Video-

Springbreakers -Video-


Angelina -Video-

Beach Bum -Video-

Bella Ciao (Guillemard) -Video-

Hooka Tooka -Video-

King Of The Bar Room -Video-

On The Tip -Video-

Playboys (Winson) -Video-

Shot Of Tequila (Saerens) -Video-

Squeeze Me Darling -Video-


After A Few -Video-

Ain't It Funny (Archer) -Video-

All Nighter -Video-

Cold Beer Night -Video-

Dancing Pants -Video-

Fighting Voices -Video-

Gone West (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-

If You Can't Give Me Love -Video-

I'm Outta Salt -Video-

Like You Dance Darlin -Video-

Love In Mexico -Video-

Marching Home (Argyle) -Video-

OK With Me -Video

One Big Country Song (Serfling) -Video-

Rhinestone Eyes -Video-

Stomp It Out Now -Video-

That Old Flame -Video-

You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl (Messer) -Video-


# Rednek -Video-

Big Buzz -Video-

Broken & Beautiful -Video-

Diamond Wings -Video-

Dirty Little Boots -Video-

Girls Lie Too -Video-

La Bamba (Susilani) -Video-

Keith -Video-

On A Good Night -Video-

On My Way To You (Moses) -Video-

Put The Hurt On Me -Video-

Sea Cruise (Hemmes) -Video-

She Don't Care Baby -Video-

Ten Guitars -Video-

Train Swing -Video-

Without You Jive -Video-

Young Love (Winson, Argyle) -Video-


Call Them Names -Video-

Dance With Me (Greywolf, Wambli) -Video-

EZ Done For Me -Video-

Old Friends (Greywolf, Wambli) -Video-

Over The Moon -Video-

PlayBoys -Video-

The Way You Roll -Video-

Time 2 Get Sexy -Video-

True Fine Mama -Video-

Twinkle In Her Eyes -Video-

Venner Kom Of Se (Friends Come And See)

World For Two -Video-


Juli 2019


I Just Want To Love You -Video-

Old Friends In America -Video-


Back Where I Belong -Video-

Day Of The Dead -Video-


I Close My Eyes -Video neu-

Look What God Gave Her EZ -Video-

One In A Row (Dawson) -Video-

The Bull (Barton u.a.) -Video-


God Thing -Video-

In The Movies -Video-

Saluti -Video-


A Little Danger -Video-

Forever Young (Hoeben u.a.) -Video-

Hurts So Good (Flowers) -Video-

Roll That Barrel Out -Video-

Simply Love You -Video-


Trust In You -Video-

You Get Me High -Video-


All I Need To Know -Video-


Broken Heart (Urgert, Tiggelen) -Video-

One In A Row (Dawson) -Video-

Shut Up About Politics -Video-


Compass Rose -Video-

Domenica (Schalk) -Video-

Never Comeback -Video-

One Big Country Song -Video-


Come A Little Bit Closer -Video-

Way Too Soon -Video-

Algo Llamado Amor -Video-

Something That You Want -Video-

Ups And Downs (Bass) -Video-

Whiskey For My Nerves -Video-


Attack -Video-

Senorita La-La-La -Video-


Down To The Honkytonk (Morel) -Video-

Old Love -Video-


Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

Good At Tonight -Video-

Stuck On Me+You -Video-

Summer Jam 2019

Wedding Bell Blues -Video-

Worn Out Heart -Video-



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TOP Twenty / Fifty UK
(Platz am 11.01.2020)


01 (01) Morning Sun (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

02 (04) Willpower -Video-

03 (03) I Think I Found Love -Video-

04 (07) Faithful Soul -Video-

05 (05) Backroad Nation (That's Us) -Video-

05 (02) Gone West (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-

07 (06) Codigo (Stott) -Video-

08 (20) Rolling With Love -Video-

09 (11) Senorita La-La-La -Video-

10 (09) Miss Congeniality -Video-

11 (10) Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

12 (08) I Close My Eyes -Video-

13 (13) The Bull (Barton u.a.) -Video-

14 (12) Remember You Young -Video-

15 (15) Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

16 (15) Soul Shake -Video-

17 (14) Rocket To The Sun -Video-

18 (19) Lonely Blues -Video-

18 (18) Senorita (Churm) -Video-

20 (17) All I Need To Know -Video-


21 (24) Half Past Tipsy -Video-

21 (22 wieder da) Playboys (Winson) -Video-

23 (27) Yes M'am, No M'am -Video-

24 (25) Keep It Simple (Gallagher) -Video-

25 (26) My Angel And Me -Video-

25 (23) Get Wild -Video-

27 wieder da Heart Body & Soul -Video-

28 (32 wieder da) My Miracle -Video-

28 (38) Wanna Know -Video-

30 (34) Angelina -Video-

30 (29 wieder da) Secret Samba -Video-

32 wieder da Outside In -Video-

33 (36) Wedding Bell Blues -Video-

33 (36) Hotshot (Harrold) -Video-

35 (32) Just A Phase -Video-

35 (43 wieder da) Legend -Video-

35 (43) Blessed -Video-

38 wieder da Missing (Barton) -Video-

39 (42) Triple Mix -Video-

39 (30) The Long Way Home -Video-

41 (39) Highway Honky Tonk -Video-

42 (21) From A Distance -Video-

43 (34) Dig Deep -Video-

43 wieder da Love Is Loud -Video-

45 (40) Mamma Maria -Video-

46 (46) Big Blue Tree (Vos) -Video-

46 (46) Left In The Dark -Video-

46 wieder da Sugarbird -Video

49 (49) Belongs To You -Video-

50 (41) Superheroes -Video-


?? (28) Day Of The Dead -Video-

(30 wieder da) Who Needs Mexico (Bell) -Video-

45 (45) Along The Way -Video-

48 (48) Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video-

50 (50) Tightrope -Video-




?? (29) Young Blood (Metelnick, Biggs) -Video-

?? (30) Thankyou (Cooper, Turner) -Video-

?? (34) Waves Of Love -Video-

?? (34) I've Been Waiting For You -Video-

?? (36) World For Two -Video-

?? (38) People Are Good  -Video-

?? (40 wieder da) I Believe (Cooper, u.a.) -Video-

?? (41) Back To The Start (Wheatley) -Video-

?? (42 wieder da) Graffiti -Video-

?? (42 wieder da) I Got This Too -Video-

?? (47) Crimson Desire -Video-

?? (48) Mamma Mia! Why Me? -Video-