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September 2020


Beer & Woman -Video-

Dancing With Your Ghost -Video-

Down To One (Strong) -Video-

Let's Party (Cheung, Chen)-Video-

Mama (Gabi, Jeff, Marianne) -Video-

Marching On (Ray) -Video-

One Too Many -Video-

Runaround Sue (Sarlemijn, Weisburd) -Video-

Shelter -Video-


Gucci (Poulsen, u.a.) -Video-

It's Gold -Video-

Keep Ya Cool -Video-


Always (Schalk) -Video-

Honky Tonk Highway (Walters) -Video-

OMG What's Happening -Video-


Bet You Can't Keep Up -Video-

Hey Old Lover -Video-

I Remember You (Fillion) -Video-

Strong Women -Video-

Tumbleweed (Fowler, u.a.) -Video-


Beautiful Life (Talbot) -Video- 

Little Less Broken (Glover) -Video-

Rolling Stone (Poulsen) -Video-

With Heart And Soul (aka Cilla & Dusty) -Video-


Don't Worry Be Happy (Mabbs) -Video-


Back To Life (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

Bumblebee -Video-

Love Will Mess U Up -Video-

To Drunk To Drive -Video-


Ballad Of Jesse James -Video-

Short Skirt Weather (Moodie) -Video-


Bad Guy (Bos, Cheung) -Video-

Most People Are Good EZ -Video-


August 2020


Anywhere With You Is Home -Video-

The Heart -Video-


Beers And Sunshine -Video-

Five Together -Video-

Keep Up Country Girl -Video-

Livin' In These Troubled Times -Video-

Love Spices -Video-

Sip Away -Video-

The Toe, Heel Step -Video-

We Already Kiss -Video-


Ball And Chain (Pietersz) -Video-

Don't Touch My Truck -Video-

Down To One (Gauthier) -Video-

Down To One (Rogers) -Video-

Fast As You (Williams) -Video-

Little Less Broken -Video-

Luke's Lovin' -Video-

Now I'm Goliath -Video-

Summertime (Boocock, Roper) -Video-

That Smile -Video-

Veronica Blue -Video-

Y'all Keep Up -Video-


Ava's Last Laugh -Video-

Come In Out Of The World -Video-

Like A Cowboy (Gauci) -Video-

Long Tall Sally -Video-

Senor Loco -Video-

Slowing Down -Video-

Starts With An I, Ends With A U -Video-

Taos, New Mexico -Video-


Jersey Boy -Video-

Lovin' On You -Video-

Now This Is Us -Video-

Playing Our Song -Video-


Buona Sera -Video-

Just A Gigolo -Video-


Process In Time -Video-


Buicks To The Moon (Schmidt) -Video-

Can't Hop A Train -Video-

Cool Like Cowboy Cool -Video-

Drug Dog Rock -Video-

Happy Anywhere -Video-

I'm A Believer -Video-

Just Let Go -Video-

Money For Nothing -Video-

Ramona (Carlsson) -Video-

Straighten Up And Fly Right -Video-

Such A Night (Krause-Schenck)

We Are Believers (Partner) -Video-


Juli 2020 


Before You Leave (Krause-Schenck) -Video-

Superman -Video-

Turn The Radio On -Video-


Carry On (Highlander) -Video-

When To Say Goodbye -Video-

Wieder Zu Sehn -Video-


A Song To Remember -Video-

Life Is A Lesson -Video-


A Dog Named Boo -Video-

Alter Ego -Video-

Beautiful Madness (Gallagher) -Video-

Clark Kent -Video-

Dead Or In Jail -Video-

Do Si Do (Doh-See-Doh) -Video-

Into A Fantasy -Video-

Look For The Good -Video-

Love You Cha -Video-

Mission -Video-

Time To Let Go (Ellis, Fowler) -Video-

What's Up Cuz -Video-


Daddy Issues -Video-

In My Arms (Tisch) -Video-


Good Ol' Boy -Video-

In El Paso -Video-

What Are We Afraid Of -Video-


Big Big Country Love -Video-

Cerish Love And Life -Video-

Lucky In Love (Barr, Burton) -Video-


Happy Does -Video-


A Man Is In Love -Video-

Be Like That -Video-

Bukahara -Video-

My Rifle, My Pony And Me -Video-

Oh Candida -Video-

Some Girls -No Ex To Text- Video

This Side Of Heaven -Video-

Together In This -Video-

Too Many Honkey Tonks -Video-


A Country State Of Mind -Video-

Cha Cha Bisous -Video-

Cherry On Top -Video-

Good Love And Good Whiskey -Video-

Higher (Mazzeo) -Video-

Jerusalema -Video-

Let's Remember -Video-

Limelight (Whitehouse) -Video-

Oh Oh Romeo -Video-

Red, White & Boozed -Video-

Tequila La-La-La -Video-

This Land Is Your Land -Video-


Forever A Star -Video- 

Great Unknown -Video-

I Play For Tips -Video-

Jitterbug Boogie (Sandham)-Video-

Martha Divine (Pistoia) -Video-

Me Gusta -Video-

No Truck Song -Video-

Oh My - Oh My (Jacobson) -Video-

TikTok Love -Video-

Unforgettable (Bailey) -Video-


Juni 2020


BM -Video-

Broken (Güldenfuß) -Video-

Canadian Summer -Video-

Gotta Be -Video-

Home Sweet -Video-

Josie Escalido -Video-

Knock And Ring And Tap -Video-

Make A Difference -Video-

Trojan Horse -Video-


Cowboy Rhythm 'Til I Die -Video-

Have Mercy (Barton) -Video-

I Have Loved -Video-

Perhaps Cha Cha -Video-

She's Mine (Prim) -Video-


Big Fat Rabbits -Video-

Country Boy Lovin' -Video-

Cowboy Girl -Video-

Getcha (Wyatt) -Video-


Another Beer Fix -Video-

Lah De Lah -Video-


All Night (Pistoia) -Video-

Get, Get, Get To Livin' -Video-

My Cowgirl -Video-


Get, Get, Get -Video-

I Found Another You -Video-

In My Wildest Dreams -Video-

Pick Her Up (Bailey) -Video-

Sweet Escape -Video-

Thank You Baby (Newell) -Video-

You're My Heart, You're My Soul -Video-


Reasons To Cry -Video-

That You Give Me (Eso Que Tu Me Das) -Video-

Tomorrow Can Wait A Little Longer -Video-


Funny Kisses -Video-

Lives In Two -Video-

Till It Ends -Video-

Yellow Polka Dots -Video-


Just A Closer Walk -Video-

Not This Time -Video-


Looking For Your Attention -Video-

One For The Road (Vasquez) -Video-

One Of Them -Video-

Too Much In Love -Video-


Bottom Of The Ocean -Video-

Chevy -Video-

On The Other Side -Video-


A Little Lime -Video-

More Than Enough -Video-


Anna -Video-

Lo Bueno -Video-


Beautiful Madness -Video-

In Dreams (Krause-Schenck) -Video-

Tribute To Brooks & Dunn -Video-


I Love Papa's Mambo -Video-

Let's Hideaway -Video-

Two Steppin' Mind -Video-


Can't Change Me -Video-

Cowboy Truth -Video-

Drunk Girl In Bathroom Lines -Video-

Hold You Tonight (Snailham, Davenport) -Video-

Just Drunk -Video-


Angel Wings (Helliker) -Video-

Bar None -Video-

It's Hard To Kiss 6 Feet Apart -Video-

When It Rains It Pours -Video-


He'd Never Lie -Video-

Uno De Estos Dias -Video-


Mai 2019 


Hundred Ways -Video-

Lucky In Love (LDF) -Video-


Better Than My Wildest Dreams -Video-

Keep Up -Video-

One Second Guessing -Video-

Self Control EZ Cha -Video-


Southern Dreams -Video-

Wrong Direction -Video-


Belle Of Belfast -Video-

Crazy Times -Video-

My Oh My -Video-

Place Out On The Ocean -Video-


Get Drunk On Me -Video-

I'm The One -Video-

Oh Diana -Video-

Sharp Dressed Man (Smith) -Video-

Vamos A Tequila -Video-


Easy Goin' -Video-

Heart On The Run (Musk, Barton) -Video-

Ice-Cold Beer -Video-

Kind Of Pain -Video-


5 More Minutes (Thorpe) -Video-

Boogie Shoes Melody -Video-

Get To Livin' -Video-

Highway Patrol -Video-

You're A Liar -Video-


Every Little Thing You Do -Video-

Moving On Out -Video-

Refreshed -Video-

Wash Your Hands -Video-


Rock This Town -Video-

Stay Home (Hulkes) -Video-

Sunday Morning Heart -Video-


Good Times (Sandham) -Video-

Locked Up On You -Video-

Salt -Video-

Six Feet Apart -Video-

To Know Him Is To Love Him -Video-

You Are Not Alone -Video-


Go Home -Video-

Heart Of A Bluebird -Video-

When We Were Us -Video-


6th Avenue Heartache -Video-

Never Run Outta Road -Video-

One Day You'll Get It -Video-


Another You (Turcaud) -Video-

Because Of U (wegen dir) -Vide-

She's Mine (Barton, Jones) -Video-


Hopeful Dreams -Video-

Lisa From Ibiza -Video-

Mi Limon -Video-

Rock The Boat (Christian) -Video-


Baby, Let's Go -Video-

Five Hundred (500) -Video-

It Never Rain In SoCal -Video-

La Bomba (Hapsari, Mamek) -Video-

Remember This -Video-


Beautiful World -Video-

I Called Mama! -Video-


Polaroid (Fedi) -Video-

Shallow End -Video-

That Dance -Video-


Be A Lady -Video-

Happy Is As Happy Does -Video-

Hold My Beer -Video-

There She Goes (Rodgers) -Video-

Your Back Yard -Video-


Bluebird In My Heart -Video-

Copenhagen -Video-

Dare To Love -Video-

Lay Down Sally -Video-


Ride It, Lose Control -Video-

Within These Walls -Video-


Bad News -Video-

Bluebird (Smith) -Video-

Lost In Love (Morgan) -Video-

No Matter What (Flying High) -Video-

Rev It Up (Formenti) -Video-

Shadow In The Night -Video-


Wanna Getcha -Video-

You'll Never Walk Alone -Video-


Be Kind -Video-

For My Mother -Video

Gypsy Girl -Video-

Love You Now -Video-

Waiting For Nothing -Video-


Drinkin' Beer On A Champagne Night -Video-

Mister Lonely Cha -Video-

Outlaws & Outsiders -Video-

Rebelde Amor -Video-

Guess What -Video-

Willie's Gone -Video-


Game Boy -Video-

God Bless You Mother -Video-

High Class -Video-


Cadillac Tears (Bingham) -Video-

Crazy 4 More Times -Video-

Down To The Honkytonk (Fedi) -Video-

I Love You, Goodbye -Video-

Lavaredo -Video-

One Of Them Girls (Goebel) -Video-

Raining Men -Video-

What A Man Gotta Do (Hoechst u.a.) -Video-


Always Be Together -Video-

Ghost Town (Epprecht) -Video-

No Good (Danvoie, Gene) -Video-

Polaroid Line Dance -Video-

Puss In Boots -Video-


A Sign Of The Times -Video-

Amarillo Sunrise -Video-

Faith Hope And Love AB -Video-

Hard Work (Kim) -Video-

I Don't Wanna Go Sober -Video-

Joy To The People -Video-

The Tide Is High -Video-


April 2020


Dance With Me Tonight (Lee) -Video-

Hole In The Wall (Otter) -Video-

I Don't Mind Na Na Na -Video-

Night Don't Go -Video-

Tommy -Video-

Voodoo Jive (Krause-Schenck) -Video-


Country In Me -Video-

In Mexico (Weisburd) -Video-

Midnight Mess Around -Video-

One Night Standards -Video-

Polaroid (Davenport) -Video-

Polaroid (Myers) -Video-


Dance Mom -Video

Fresh Eyes -Video-

Head Over Boots (Amoroso) -Video-

I'm Just Asking -Video-

The Other Girl -Video-

We Are One -Video-


Please Stay Home -Video-


My Cherie Amour -Video-

One Margarita (Jennings) -Video-

The Party Is Open -Video-

Whole Lotta Shakin' -Video-


Champagne Night -Video-

Devil's Grin -Video-

Heavenly Haven -Video-

More Than My Hometown -Video-

Stay Home (Fedi) -Video-


Ain't Got No Place To Go -Video-

Let There Be Country -Video-

Little Daughter -Video-

Rednecker -Video-

Workin' Overtime (Davenport) -Video-


Faith, Hope And Love -Video-

Healing Hands -Video-

Here's A Drink -Video-

Kiss Me (Effendi) -Video)

No I In Beer -Video-

Nowhere To Be, Nowhere To Go -Video-

One Of Them Girls -Video-


After Party -Video-

Born To Run (Myers) -Video-

Uptown (Pope) -Video-


Four Minutes (Weathley) -Video-

Kiss Me Like You (32) -Video-

Poetry In Motion -Video-

Shallow -Video-

There Is A Light -Video-

This Is How We Do It -Video-


Get Back To The Country -Video-

Keeping Faith -Video-

Keeping Faith Celtic -Video-

My Oklahoma Home (Schmidt) -Video-

Overglow Beginner -Video-

Shine A Little Love -Video-

Get Back 2 The Country (Partner) -Video-

Our Oklahoma Home (Partner) -Video-


Fool Around (Krause-Schenck)

Little Darlin' (Mitchell) -Video-

Needs & Wants -Video-

Nothin's Gonna -Video-

The Only One (Gardner) -Video-


Hang In There Girl -Video-

If You've Got Love -Video-

Kiss Me Like You (Phrased) -Video-

Kissed A Cowboy -Video-

Like Wildfire -Video-

No More Sorry's -Video-

Turn Me On (Gourvellec) -Video-


Barefoot On The Dance Floor -Video-

Four Minutes Of Your Time -Video-

Groove -Video-

Kings & Queens (Beau) -Video-

That's My Boy -Video-


Can't Take My Eyes Off You -Video-

Halfway (Myers) -Video-

Stupid Love -Video-

Uno De Estos Dias -Video-


Honky Tonk Habits -Video-

Sand -Video-

Stay Home (Cannon) -Video-

Sweet Love Of Mine -Video-

Too Lonely, Too Long -Video-


Gas Lighter (Pistoia) -Video-

Hole In The Bottle (Walker & Brown) -Video-

I Can't Forget Her -Video-


Fingertips -Video-

Love Lock -Video-

My Girl (Dodge) -Video-

Rolling Home (Roper) -Video-

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (Dodge) -Video-


Beer Fix -Video-

Just Over (Casseau) -Video-

Lie To Me Please -Video-

The Happy Dance -Video-

Two Dollars In The Juke Box $$ -Video-


Feeling Good Today -Video-

Flying Silver Bird -Video-

Machika Cha Cha -Video-

Slow Down (Malone) -Video-

True Love Waltz -Video-

Two Steppin Texas Blue (Kinser) -Video-


A Kind Of Hush (Bell) -Video-

Backroad Country -Video-

Be A Light (Davenport) -Video-

Bright Up Your Life -Video-

One Night Only -Video-


Backroads -Video-

Be A Light (Herman) -Video-

Feel The Heat (Glover, ua) -Video-


Born To Shine -Video-

Eine Nacht -Video-

Girl, Change My Life -Video-

Heartache Medication -Video-

No Cheating -Video-

Stay Home (Güldenfuß) -Video-

Take Me Away (Allen) -Video-

The Majestic -Video-

You Ain't Dolly (Krause-Schenck) -Video-


Crackin' Cold Ones -Video-

Crazy Cha -Video-

Misbehavin' -Video-

Sunday Mimosas -Video-


1 Margarita -Video-

Honky Tonk Attitude (Clement) -Video-

I Love My Country -Video-


A Girl Like You (Boyle) -Video-

Alone (Snailham) -Video-

Corrina Corrina (Stabilo) -Video-

Heads Carolina, Tails California -Video-

Rumba Box -Video-

Run To Day -Video-

Sod Off Home -Video-

Woke Up In Love With You -Video-


AB 11:59 -Video-

Alrighty -Video-

Better Off (Bass) -Video-

Born 2B Free -Video-

Guilty As Charged -Video-

Walking On Sunshine AB -Video-


März 2020 


A Good Girl Should -Video-

Anyway The Wind Blows -Video-

I Try And Try -Video-

Love One Another -Video-

More Than A Woman (Bax) -Video-

She's Italiano -Video


Bossa Nouveau -Video-

Featherhered Indians -Video-

Start Of A Brand New Day -Video-


Dan's Midnight Moves -Video-


Blue -Video-

Dancing Side By Side -Video-

Dive Bar -Video-

Lovin' U Cha -Video-


Come On, Baby -Video-

Corrina Corrina (Widiani) -Video-

For My Money (Scott, Krga) -Video-

Idol Mambo -Video-

Martha Divine (Berenger) -Video-

More Than Amigos (Kan) -Video-

No Gettin' Over Me -Video-

Slow Down (Tomasz, Angela) -Video-

We're From The Country NZ -Video-

Wir Sind Eine Große (Line Dance) Familie -Video-


Forget About Everything -Video-

Live Laugh Love (Kaylin) -Video-

The Circle -Video-

Trashin' It Up -Video-


I Like About You -Video-

On The Road -Video-

Running In My Veins -Video-

Tear Me Down -Video-


Grew Up -Video-

Here I Go Again -Video-

It's Not All About You -Video-

Life Is A Rodeo -Video-

Trucker -Video-

We Were -Video-

You Wear That Whiskey Well -Video-


From Home -Video-

The World And You -Video-

Wanna Be Happy (Roberts) -Video-

We Will Dance Again -Video-


Baby, You Do -Video-

Fix It -Video-

Never Be Anyone Else But You -Video-


Always Smile -Video-

Breezy -Video-

Me And Jack -Video-

One Margarita (Piromalli) -Video-

Pick Up Girl -Video-


Hold Me (Worthington) -Video-

I Can't Help Myself -Video-

I Cry Every Night -Video-

In My Veins -Video-

Memories (Bos, Ghys) -Video-

One Margarita (Jones) -Video-


It's Raining Again -Video-

OK With Me (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

Spirit In The Sky (Bauer) -Video-


Enjoy The Here And Now -Video-

Havenly Touch -Video-


Hurricane Outlaw -Video-

Leave Me Alone -Video-

Let's Get Physical -Video-

Refrigerator Door -Video-

Yesterday's Song -Video-


Chain Reaction (Bowden, Elliott) -Video-

Dealing Hearts -Video-

Gaslighter -Video-

Mambo Loco -Video-

No Voy (I Ain't Going) -Video-

Young Love (Berry) -Video-


Gimme Hope (Bingham) -Video-

Gotta Keep Up -Video-

Hola -Video-

Home To California -Video-

Outskirts (Rosera) -Video-

Perfect Remedy -Video-


2 Of A Kind -Video-

Lockin' For Me -Video-

Nobody, Nobody But You -Video-

The Statue -Video-


Don't Come Running -Video-

Front Row Seat -Video-

Lil' Wanderer -Video-

Play With Fire -Video-

Straight 2 You -Videeo-

The Struggle Is Real -Video-

Yesterday's Gone -Video-


Freeway Of Love (Christian) -Video-

Oh Oh Na Na Cha -Video-

Open Heart Cowboy -Video-


Betwixt -Video-

Down To Mexico -Video-

Where'm I Gonna Live -Video-

You're So Sexy -Video-


How To Be Single -Video-

Let's Don't -Video-

Let's Groove It -Video-

Money (Civa) -Video-

Swifty Feet -Video-

Track Record (Civa) -Video-


A Hero For Bonnie -Video-

Banjo (Wright) -Video-

Can't Wait -Video-

Double R Dee -Video-

Hole In The Bottle -Video-

I Miss You (Krause-Schenck) -Video-

Martha Divine -Video-

Pretty Girl (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-


In Our Bones -Video-

Sweet Erika -Video-


Beyond My Eyes -Video-

Goodnight Kiss (Snailham, Cooper) -Video-

Headlights (Martel) -Video-

I'm Over You -Video-

Money Honey -Video-

Rhythm -Video-

The Final Test -Video-


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TOP Twenty / Hundred UK

(Platz am 12.09.2020)


01 (01) Sweet Attraction -Video-

02 (03) Morning Sun (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

03 (02) Wintergreen -Video-

04 (04) Faithful Soul -Video-

05 (06) I Think I Found Love -Video-

05 (05) Codigo (Stott) -Video-

07 (12) Chrystal Touch -Video-

07 (07) I Close My Eyes  -Video-

09 (08) Backroad Nation (That's Us) -Video-

09 (07) Remember You Young -Video-

11 (10) Willpower -Video-

11 (13)  Soul Shake -Video-

13 (14) Nothing But You (Bailey) -Video-

13 (15) Half Past Tipsy -Video-

15 (10) Rolling With Love -Video-

16 (15) Miss Congeniality -Video-

17 (15) Home To Donegal -Video-

18 (18) React -Video-

18 (20) Shot Of Tequila (Whitehouse) -Video-

20 (30 neu) Don't Worry Be Happy (Mabbs) -Video-


21 (19) The Greatest Love Of All -Video-

21 (29) I Believe (Cooper, u.a.) -Video-

21 (25) Jerusalema -Video-

24 (25) And We Were In Love -Video-

25 (24) When You Smile -Video-

25 (22) Senorita La-La-La -Video-

25 (21) Stomp Down -Video-

28 (27) Bonaparte's Retreat (Glover) -Video-

28 (35) Goodnight Kiss (Snailham, Cooper) -Video-

30 (23) Just A Phase -Video-

31 (27) TikTok Love -Video-

32 (35 wieder da) Missing (Barton) -Video-

33 (30 wieder da) Heart On The Run (Musk, Barton) -Video-

34 (30) Graffiti -Video-

35 (37) Darling, That's The Truth -Video-

35 (76 wieder da) Graffiti Baby -Video-

37 (43) Rocket To The Sun -Video-

37 (46) Love Is Loud -Video-

37 (30) Love You Cha -Video-

37 (60 neu) Luke's Lovin' -Video-

41 (37) Get Wild -Video-

41 (43) Wedding Bell Blues -Video-

41 (39) Inspiration -Video-

41 (34) Life Is A Lesson -Video-

41 neu It's Gold -Video-

46 (40) La Bomba -Video-

46 (60) Whiskey Bridges -Video-

46 (76) Gypsy Queen -Video-

49 (53) Til Forever -Video-

49 (76) Damn!!! (Fowler) -Video-

49 wieder da  Thank You (Cooper, Turner) -Video-

49 (40) My Angel And Me -Video-

49 (53) Lonely Blues -Video-

54 (76) Be Strong -Video-

54 (53) Just A Kiss (McGowan Hickie) -Video-

54 wieder da Senorita AB -Video-

54 (76) Blessed -Video-

54 (60) Half Past Nothin' -Video-

54 (46) Limelight (Whitehouse) -Video-

54 (76) Celtic Duo -Video-

54 (60) Hotshot (Harrold) -Video-

54 neu Into A Fantasy -Video-

63 (40) Dare To Love -Video-

63 (98) Patient Heart (Australien) -Video-

63 (53) Pretty Girl (O'Reilly, Gallagher) -Video-

63 wieder da Day Of The Dead -Video-

63 (76) Rollin' With The Flow -Video-

63 (76) Home To You (Gallagher) -Video-

63 (60) I Got This Too -Video-

63 (46) Hand In Hand -Video-

63 (52) Secret Samba -Video-

63 (46) Young Blood (Metelnick, Biggs) -Video-

63 wieder da Heart Body & Soul -Video-

63 (76 wieder da) Fly High -Video-

63 (76) White Rose -Video-

63 (76 wieder da) Cabo Moon -Video-

63 (53) Belongs To You -Video-

63 (60) Written In Scars -Video-

63 (60) Take A Breather -Video-

63 (60) People Are Good -Video-

63 (43) World For Two -Video-

63 (76 neu) Bumblebee -Video-

83 (60) The Queen -Video-

83 (76) The Long Way Home -Video-

83 (76) Oh Oh Na Na Cha -Video-

83 (98) Not Complicated -Video-

83 (76) Triple Mix -Video-

83 (60) Oklahoma Wind (Teather) -Video-

83 (60) Heavenly Cha -Video-

83 (76) Walk Back To Me -Video-

83 wieder da Rose From The Sea (Rosa Del Mar) -Video-

83 (60) Waves Of Love -Video-

83 (60) Bosa Nova -Video-

83 (60) Closer (Kelly) -Video-

83 (53) Back To The Start (Wheatley) -Video-

83 (46) Bittersweet Memory -Video-

97 (98) My Miracle -Video-

97 (60) Shania's Moment -Video-

97 (76Superheroes -Video-

97 (76) I've Been Waiting For You -Video-





























?? (46) Amame -Video-

?? (53) Tightrope -Video-

?? (48) Home Sweet -Video-

?? (54) Kacey's Moon -Video-

?? (57) Senorita (Churm) -Video-

?? (60) Hey Now! -Video-

?? (61) Playboys (Winson) -Video-

?? (70) Keep Young -Video-

?? (73) Down On Your Uppers -Video-

?? (76) Midnight Waltz

?? (76) Love Remains -Video

?? (81) Angelina -Video-

?? (82 wieder da) Who Needs Mexico (Bell) -Video-

??(86 wieder da) Highway Honky Tonk -Video-

?? (86 wieder da) Outside In -Video-

?? (86 neu) Take Me Away (Allen) -Video-

?? (88 wieder da) Tequila La-La-La -Video-